The Black Map #70: Deadthrone from Manchester!

Heading from Milton Keynes and FLÜX to Manchester and Deadthrone is an entirely chalk and cheese experience. The Melodic Metalcore quartet comprising Chris Bissette with the unclean vocals, James Bolton with guitars and clean vocals, Sam Clough on second guitar and Benj Speight on drums are getting ready to unleash the dragon with their debut full length album “Premonitions” via Arising Empire. That will pop on 23rd August as the follow up to 2017’s “To Hell And Back” debut EP. In between times they’ve shared stages with Betraying The Martyrs, Our Hollow Our Home, InVisions and more all over our green and pleasant lands and even played at the 2017 release show for the debut EP from Glaswegians Lotus Eater! It’s been 3 years since they started out with “This Isn’t Over Yet” and it looks like their hard work has paid off!

Here’s “Revival” to whet your appetite and pre-orders for the album are available here.

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