The Black Map #116: Chasing Ghosts from Milton Keynes!

While working with a bigger name producer in Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghosts, Cathedral, Myrkur) on their new EP “Bring Me Suffering“, the follow up to the critically acclaimed “These Hollow Gods“, Milton Keynes based Dark Melodic Metallers Chasing Ghosts discovered that their man was multitasking. Not that it came as a great surprise, we all have to balance our lives, juggling what we do to. Arellano was mixing their EP while recording the new Paradise Lost album “Obsidian” and some how or another Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes heard the title track while it was being mixed. Fortunately he said he liked it, which for the band was a surreal moment as well as an honour, after all it’s not every day that one of your heroes or peers does that. The brainchild of Lee Brueton, Chasing Ghosts are a quintet joined by former¬†The Eden House vocalist Meghan Pettitt for their latest offering in order to play on the union of haunting female harmonies and natural sombre strings to drive the raw and emotional lyrics home in a brilliantly executed piece of cathartic writing in dark atmospheres.¬†

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