The Black Map #136: Impavidus from Manchester!

We’ve spoken before of the rich Metal scene in Manchester, so it’s no surprise to find us returning to the Northern powerhouse of a city for this week’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene. Forged in fire and ice with songs that seamlessly blend the angular riffs of Carcass with the groove of Lamb Of God that cut against the soaring melodic vocals of Michelle Adamson are Impavidus (the Latin for “Undaunted” or “Fearless“). Indeed Matt Pike from Deified described Adamson’s range as being “…like a bulldozer crashing through a room of pianos“. A pair of crutially acclaimed EPs in 2016’s Self Titled and 2017’s “Eradication of Mankind” set the bar high with influences cited in Machine Head, At The Gates and Gojira while 2019 single “Artifice” was set to take pride of place as the band played Summer Slammer 2020 at the Star And Garter alongside Foot Prints In The Custard, Day Breaker and Viral Strain only for the Global Pandemic to see it postponed until 2021…

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