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Bootleg: Deified at Bloodstock!

As the clock ticks down to this year’s incarnation of Bloodstock Open Air Festival in August there can’t be that many pro-shot full sets from last year’s 20th Anniversary event left can there? Celebrating “Anthrobscene” by Deified the organisers have spat out their half an hour of power performance from the Sophie Lancaster stage on

The Black Map #136: Impavidus from Manchester!

We’ve spoken before of the rich Metal scene in Manchester, so it’s no surprise to find us returning to the Northern powerhouse of a city for this week’s entry in our Black Map of the UK Underground Metal scene. Forged in fire and ice with songs that seamlessly blend the angular riffs of Carcass with

The Black Map #117: Deified from St. Helens!

Famed for its Rugby and being the home of The Theatre Royal, St. Helens is the home of Deified. Back in 2015, they won the annual Metal 2 The Masses event for Merseyside and took their place, rightfully earned, at Bloodstock Festival. The band had formed in 2013 with Jamie Hughes (Vocals), Matt Pike (Guitar),

NEWS: Deified escape the “Broken Matrix”!

Due to lockdown restrictions, Deified have gone straight DIY for a music video for “Broken Matrix” from their recently released EP “Anthrobscene”. The track explores the fractures of society as humanity is increasingly involved in a digital World and expose ourselves to fake news and propaganda. The record as a whole is a peach and

Review: “Anthrobscene” by Deified

Back in 2015, Deified won the annual Metal 2 The Masses event for Merseyside and took their place, as rightfully earned at Bloodstock Festival with cuts from their debut EP “Lo and Behold“. That experience led to the quintet sharing stages with the likes of Bay Area California Thrash Kings Exodus, Max Cavalera’s Son Ritchie

NEWS: Deified get animated with “Apotheosis/Rebirth”!

Taken from their forthcoming Matt Pike recorded, mixed and mastered EP “Anthrobscene“, Deified have unveiled an animation for “Apotheosis/Rebirth“, a track about an AI apocalypse on an EP about the age of Human Obscenity in a digital world, it reminds us that change is inevitable, as is the truth we know. So say Deified anyway.