The Black Map #117: Deified from St. Helens!

Famed for its Rugby and being the home of The Theatre Royal, St. Helens is the home of Deified. Back in 2015, they won the annual Metal 2 The Masses event for Merseyside and took their place, rightfully earned, at Bloodstock Festival. The band had formed in 2013 with Jamie Hughes (Vocals), Matt Pike (Guitar), Alistair Blackhall (Guitar), Tom Simm (Bass) and Jordan-Stanley Jones (Drums) crafting dark, philosophical and nihilistic Metal with razor sharp riffs and lyrical integrity at its heart. Five years after their Bloodstock appearance, the band unleashed a new album entitled “Anthrobscene“. A concept release, it’s frieghteningly socially, politically and environmentally aware, with lyrics discussing the Internet Age, climate change and mental health all wrapped up in eight tracks of fist clenching, metal brutality.

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