The Black Map #36: Reaper X from Corby!

Recorded in the Domesday Book on 1086 as “Corbei”, Corby in Northamptonshire is a place of Danish roots. It’s Viking heritage is recognized with the emblem of the Raven however a large percentage of people with Scottish and Irish roots also points to it’s cultural diversity. Famed for its steel industry until the early 1980s, Corby was also the subject of the Big Country song and album titled track “Steeltown” which tells the story of Scottish workers in the industry. It’s also famous the mighty Raging Speedhorn. That being said, we continue our journey across the black map of the UK Underground Metal Scene to check out another one of Corby’s Metal talents… Reaper X

The Trash Metal quintet are famed for their modern version of the style with axe wielding duo Drew Reilly and Mark Innocent putting in some blistering live performances. Having signed to Sliptrick Records in October, the follow up to 2017 EP “Fury In Flames” entitled “Rise” will see release early in 2019! A demo version of “Diplomatic Solutions” from 2016 which may feature on the album is available over at bandcamp.

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