The Black Map #58: Broken Down from Sheffield!

The Steel City is famous for a lot of things. But strictly in Metal terms, While She Sleeps and Malevolence are now not only UK household names but growing in Global reputation. Crawling out from their shadows are Beatdown Hardcore crew Broken Down whose upcoming EP “Path of Terror” holds much promise. Not least because killer new tune “Breaking Point” which sees a guest vocal appearance from Scotty Hall of Street Soldier is on it. They’re no stranger to a guest appearance either with Alex McKinnon of Carbine fame appearing on 2018 single “Confined to Insanity”! The EP itself was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Josh Pearson at JP Audio and sees the quintet comprising vocalist Jay Ingram, bassist Calum Voce and drummer George Scott joined by axe wielding pair Jono Carroll and Eddie Khariuk Thiel.

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