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NEWS: Street Soldier announce shows with TRC in March 2021!

As “One Man Gang” hit 200k worth of Spotify streams, Northern Beatdown Hardcore crew Street Soldier have announced a quartet of March 2021 shows with Londoners TRC. August saw the band announce a deal with Rucktion Records for a new six track EP entitled “Turn Dangerous” with single “So Sickening” so it’s all positivity and

NEWS: Pintglass will accept “No More Disrespect”!

It’s been almost twelve months since the tongue in cheek Gezzacore debut “Way Of The Gezza” from Guilford duo Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) and Barney Warner (Replacer) put its brick through out front window before demanding a cup of builders tea with seventeen sugars and with some live shows for 2021 including

NEWS: Everything is “So Sickening” for Street Soldier!

Numerous social media hints later a new track from Northern Hate deliverers Street Soldier entitled “So Sickening” complete with music video shot by Loki Films, has appeared like a brick through your front window… and with it the announcement that the quartet have got an EP called “Turn Dangerous” on the way via Rucktion Records,

Bootleg: Street Soldier in Manchester!

Spittin’ s*** made straight for tha pit? That can only be one band. Hate from the North. It’s a full set from Beatdown crew Street Soldier, pro-shot by Sean Pitcam at Fury Fest 2019 at Manchester Rebellion, showing the lesser bands how it’s done, “One Man Gang” style. 3x 3 track EPs since August 2018

Review: “Kill or Be Killed” by Ligature

(Knuckle) sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester is Warrington, not the kind of place you’d expect to find a Beatdown Hardcore band. None the less Ligature – vocalist Jack Lamb, bassist Perry Brockley, axe welding duo Dan James and Sean McKay and drummer Chris Mitchell – call it home and have been playing shows since early

Playthrough: Full Set from Street Soldier!

If you thought that anyone was done with last summers second incarnation of Upsurge Festival, you’d be wrong. One of the highlights was a set from Street Soldier, who brought “Northern Hate” to London’s New Cross Inn with style. So filmed by Daniel Howard, here’s drum cam footage of that full set with Laurie “Drill

Review: “Isolation” EP by Birth Struggle Death

A Heavy Hardcore quartet hailing from Hamburg Germany, Birth Struggle Death have been at the game since 2016’s “Mad As Hell” demo with 2018’s full length “Cursed Generation” finding the band just as vexed as they were the first time around. Their mission statement is one which resonates like a bullet ricochet inside your skull

NEWS: Malign plan for the “Demise”!

It must be incredibly frustrating to have an EP written and demoed but not be able to get into the studio and record the work but maybe that means that you can hold onto it, add to it and drop a full length at a later date. That’s the situation that Manchester based, 12 legged

NEWS: Street Soldier prepare for War!

Like a tag team going into a backyard wrestling match, York Beatdown Hardcore crew Street Soldier have tapped up Don Campan of Waking The Cadaver and Dan Crossley of Gassed Up to appear on a new cut. It goes by the name of “Straight Up Murda” and has as usual was recorded, mixed and mastered

NEWS: Strangled get no “Sleep”!!

Oklahoma Beatdown Deathcore meets Slam crew Strangled promised a new track by the name “Sleep” to follow up their debut EP and not only have they delivered, bit they’ve also referenced “Bossman” by Street Soldier in doing so! Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Recordings, get ready for this one, they pulled