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Review: “Turn Dangerous” by Street Soldier

After a trio of independent releases (2018’s “One Man Gang” and “Hard Mentality” alongside 2019’s “Northern Hate“) York Beatdown Hardcore quartet Street Soldier announced their signing to Rucktion Records for their fourth studio affair. But some things don’t change and as usual they recorded at Raincity Studios in Salford Manchester with Gav Brady who also

NEWS: In times of peace, Street Soldier prepare for War!

Celebrating the release of their new EP “Turn Dangerous” via Rucktion Records today, York Beatdown Hardcore homewreckers Street Soldier have dropped a music video for “Boot Off (Ready For War)” created by bassist Cameron Bland. As with their previous works, this one was recorded by Gav Brady at Raincity Studios, Salford, Manchester and sees both

Bootleg: Street Soldier in Leicester!

Northern Hate crew Street Soldier have announced that their new EP “Turn Dangerous” will drop on 22nd January, comprising 6 new tracks of hate filled positivity via Rucktion Records. But that’s not all. Grab yourself a physical pressing and you’ll get all 9 tracks from the previous trio of EPs as bonus tracks on the

Review: “Demo” by No Escape

When an envelope gets pushed with the word “Demo” written on it, you might expect something that sounds a little rough around the edges, like it was recorded in your parents basement or step father’s garage with a laptop and a single microphone, you know, just to get something down. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jerome

Review: “Self Inflicted” by Hang Tough

Just 10 weeks after their April released debut album “Hate District“, Los Angeles Californian Beatdown Hardcore act Hang Tough have returned with a sophomore record. Entitled “Self Inflicted“, it is a three track offering that has been mixed and mastered by Nuremberg Germany’s Downforce Recordings (Spawn of Disgust, Shot Done Won). Self Inflicted by Hang

NEWS: Street Soldier have long turned dangerous…

After September single “So Sickening” and the announcement they’d inked a deal with Rucktion Records for their next record and the promise of six songs of murderous hatefilled positivity a second music video was inevitable for York City residents Street Soldier. “Turn Dangerous” is what they’ve picked and it has some interesting vocal change ups

NEWS: Street Soldier announce shows with TRC in March 2021!

As “One Man Gang” hit 200k worth of Spotify streams, Northern Beatdown Hardcore crew Street Soldier have announced a quartet of March 2021 shows with Londoners TRC. August saw the band announce a deal with Rucktion Records for a new six track EP entitled “Turn Dangerous” with single “So Sickening” so it’s all positivity and

NEWS: Pintglass will accept “No More Disrespect”!

It’s been almost twelve months since the tongue in cheek Gezzacore debut “Way Of The Gezza” from Guilford duo Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) and Barney Warner (Replacer) put its brick through out front window before demanding a cup of builders tea with seventeen sugars and with some live shows for 2021 including

NEWS: Everything is “So Sickening” for Street Soldier!

Numerous social media hints later a new track from Northern Hate deliverers Street Soldier entitled “So Sickening” complete with music video shot by Loki Films, has appeared like a brick through your front window… and with it the announcement that the quartet have got an EP called “Turn Dangerous” on the way via Rucktion Records,

Bootleg: Street Soldier in Manchester!

Spittin’ s*** made straight for tha pit? That can only be one band. Hate from the North. It’s a full set from Beatdown crew Street Soldier, pro-shot by Sean Pitcam at Fury Fest 2019 at Manchester Rebellion, showing the lesser bands how it’s done, “One Man Gang” style. 3x 3 track EPs since August 2018