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Interview: While She Sleeps talk Slam Dunk!

The Mike James Rock Show continue to roll out the interviews that took place at Slam Dunk Festival with the latest seeing them chat to headliners and Sheffield Metalcore heroes While She Sleeps. Vocalist Loz Taylor talks about writing new material, setting up Sleeps Society and the challenges of spending 18 months away from the

The Black Map #169: Havelocke from Sheffield!

“…And the world will keep on spinning, They’re the arsonists, We’re the match, They’re the arsonists, I want to see it f**king burn, We’re the match, Let it burn” Hailing from Sheffield are Horror fuelled Emo meets Post-Hardcore act Havelocke who unashamedly came to our attention because Aaron McKenzie of While She Sleeps has been

Bootleg: “Sleeps Society” from While She Sleeps!

Pro-shot by Volca Media at the Download Festival pilot event from a couple of weeks back, Sheffield Metalcore merchants While She Sleeps have shared the anthem and title track of their recently released resurgent album “Sleeps Society“. Welcomed with open arms as returning heroes they were one of a wealth of UK bands to play

Vs Tuesday: One Song! Two Bands! Who Wins?! FIGHT! Mad World.

A song written in a flat above a Pizza restaurant in Bath and released in 1982 that has fallen into the highly influential category, “Mad World” by Tears For Fears has ended up being so much more than just a piece of meloncholic music. In 2003 it won writer Roland Orzabal his second Ivor Novello

Interview: While She Sleeps talk “Sleeps Society” with CaliberTV!

Last week saw Sheffield Metalcore merchants While She Sleeps finally end the longest build up to a British Metal record of all time as they gave us “Sleeps Society“. This new interview, as fresh as the finest from bean to cup ground coffee, sees frontman Lawrence “Loz” Taylor sit down with Yasmine Summan​ from CaliberTV

Bootleg: Havelocke perform “Arsonist” EP in full!

What do you do when you can’t have a debut EP release show due to a Global Pandemic situation meaning all venues are on lockdown and your fans are at home? If your Sheffield Post-Hardcore act Havelocke you get on the phone to While She Sleeps guitarist Aaron McKenzie, who also happens to run a

Review: “Sleeps Society” by While She Sleeps

It seems like it has been being hyped forever all over the interweb but the fifth studio album “Sleeps Society” from Sheffield Metalcore outfit While She Sleeps is finally upon us and after the brilliance of 2017’s “You Are We“, the curve ball of 2019’s “So What?” makes this one something of an intriguing prospect.

NEWS: Arsonists get all the Girls for Havelocke?

As with first single “Where We Go“, Aaron Mckenzie of While She Sleeps has once again helped out fellow Sheffield based outfit Havelocke and filmed a music video for “100 Seconds” on the eve of the release of their debut Emo influenced Post-Hardcore debut EP “Arsonist“. Expect thrills, spills, black eyeliner, blood and post apocalyptic themes if you snap

Playthrough: “You Are All You Need” from While She Sleeps!

With fifth album “Sleeps Society” out next weekend via Spinefarm Records, guitarist Sean Long has taken a minute to give us a playthrough video for “You Are All You Need” from the record on a custom Charvel guitar using EMG Pickups, 57/66, D’addario Strings and Marshall Amps in Drop D tuning (DADGBE) and incase you