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Review: “Geezas Worldwide” Split EP by Strangled and Pintglass

Two bands further apart Globally you’re unlikely to find with Oklahoma Slammers Strangled playing off against Guildford, England Deathcore supergroup Pintglass, fronted by Barney Warner (Replacer)¬† & Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) but somehow they’ve made the unthinkable a reality. Both bands should need no introductions because both of their previous releases where

NEWS: Pintglass will accept “No More Disrespect”!

It’s been almost twelve months since the tongue in cheek Gezzacore debut “Way Of The Gezza” from Guilford duo Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) and Barney Warner (Replacer) put its brick through out front window before demanding a cup of builders tea with seventeen sugars and with some live shows for 2021 including

NEWS: Carbine return from the wilderness with “Desensitised”!

Having resurfaced from hiatus as a studio project in July 2019 with single “Undefeated“, all had been quiet once again on the¬†Carbine front. But that false sense of security has now come to an end as new track “Desensitised” has premiered via Slam Worldwide. Frontman Alex McKinnon plays guitars in the video, which also features

Playthrough: “Breathe” from Sunfall!

For those that missed it, Sunfall are about to go on hiatus, presumably while their newly installed frontman Ben Mason (Pintglass, Bound In Fear, Carbine) does some serious touring with his other bands. They’ve racked up some shows before they go though including a spot at Mortal Metal Festival. So without further ado, here’s sticksman

NEWS: Fall In The Brawl Festival 2019!

The death of Fall In Brawl Festival at Manchester Rebellion has been announced with the third and final line-up poster having “RIP” embossed on it. The organisers have stated that a huge 20 band exodus from the bill and work involved in replacing them and reassuring ticket buying fans has been the cause. The Slam

NEWS: Sink a Stella with Pintglass!

As if Bound In Fear frontman Ben Mason didn’t have enough on his plate with doing vocals for Sunfall and drums for Carbine, he’s also got a project on the go called Pintglass. Joined by Dan Crossley from Gassed Up and Brad Harkness of Revelations, here’s “Head Of The Firm” from their Beatdown EP “Geezercore”!

NEWS: Old Wharf bring the new plague!

Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore crew Old Wharf are joined by Bound In Fear and Sunfall vocalist Ben Mason for the second single to pop in champagne cork eye spliting style since their debut EP “Reside”. The new cut is entitled “I Am Plague” and follows “Porcelain Hearts”, both of which are your classic sub 3 minute

Metal Noise TV: June 2019!

It’s the 1st July, which can only mean one thing. No, it’s not payday. It’s time to recap June and a huge 81x music videos from the likes of Strangled, Sink The Ship, Northlane, Carbine and Upon A Burning Body to name but a few of those who have graced these pages in the last

NEWS: Bound In Fear share “The Rot Within”!

Farnham Surrey Deathcore heavyweights Bound In Fear, who feature the now Sunfall vocalist and Carbine drummer Ben Mason at the helm (where does he find the time?!) as well as Mixing and Mastering Guru Kier Campbell on Guitars have announced a new album entitled “The Hand Of Violence”! It’s going to appear via Unique Leader

NEWS: Carbine return with “Undefeated”!

Featuring a guest appearance from Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher fame and interestingly with a writing credit for Bound In Fear guitarist Kier Campbell comes the return single from Carbine entitled “Undefeated”! Having gone on hiatus in December 2017, we saw frontman Alex McKinnon bring back a temporary line-up last summer for a one off show.