Review: “Geezas Worldwide” Split EP by Strangled and Pintglass

Two bands further apart Globally you’re unlikely to find with Oklahoma Slammers Strangled playing off against Guildford, England Deathcore supergroup Pintglass, fronted by Barney Warner (Replacer)  & Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) but somehow they’ve made the unthinkable a reality. Both bands should need no introductions because both of their previous releases where phenomenal and it goes without saying that the Strangled material was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Studios…

…Back in August 2019 we reviewed the self titled EP from Strangled after hearing their anvil heavy first single “Mobilize”, a hybrid concoction of Beatdown Hardcore, Deathcore and Slam that redefines what you might have called the heavy end of Metallic Hardcore previously. You may have already heard first single “Defect“, it’s sinister brooding riffs bringing bad acid trip nausea to the surface while this time around throwing down some Slam vocals between the angst driven vocals about rising from the depths of depression with a clenched fist. The sample adds a classic black and white film moment to the track, giving it another dimension and the bring back for the final verse is killer. Taking the riffs from “Nomad” era Kublai Khan and beefing up the sound with bursts of Deathcore staccato crunch and blast beats “Circumvent” talks of holding onto the pain of bitter experience to fuel the fire of survival, rising up to against all odds, taking the best of Hardcore and putting it in a Deathcore skin. Both bands collaborating on a track is rare for a split but in “7.62” they get together in style, each vocalist getting their own few moments during crushing downtempo heavy groove and police sirens. Short and sweet, all verse no chorus it’s an instant scratch card win that puts a smile on you face…

Pintglass raised the bar with their debut album “Way Of The Geezer“, a hilarious tongue in cheek humor filled Stella Artois fueled wife beater of a Deathcore record. Their return single in “No More Disrespect” is preceded by a sample that builds on the Cockney Gangster element that they brought to it, taking the darker side of films like “Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels” and turning it into a brute of a track. “Raised by The Pint” is a call to arms of a track for beer drinkers out there with a chant a long chorus that takes the best of downtempo groove and works it to full effect. Slow headbangable most pit working riffs and neat little samples work well together if you, your father before you and his father before him were raised by the back of the hand after a few beers then this tale of drunken debauchery is going to resonate. This split EP has something everyone can enjoy, I’d by that for a dollar [8.5/10]

Track listing

1. Defect /Strangled
2. Circumvent /Strangled
3. 7.62 / Strangled & Pintglass
4. No More Disrespect /Pintglass
5. Raised by The Pint /Pintglass

Geezas Worldwide” Split EP by Strangled and Pintglass is out 10th October

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