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Review: “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” by Cell

Engineered and mixed by Trae at Like Minded Company, mastered by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording, adorned by artwork from Logan Evans and a logo by Chris Englebert, “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” marks the debit EP from Oklahoma based Cell, notable for having vocal tracking by Mychal Soto (Strangled, Pintglass)…   …how do you like

Bootleg: Strangled in Chicago!

From 2019 to July 2021 Oklahoma Pure Slamming Hate crew Strangled were known for pure annihilation in the live arena. Their final show took place at the WC Social Club in Chicago Illinois as they shared a stage with Starletta, Dead/Awake, Capital Vices, Erabella and Sleep Waker at VCTMS album release show for “Numb The

NEWS: Replacer get “Dejected” with Ben Mason?

Tag teaming in his partner in Geezercore crime, Barney Warner is joined by Bound In Fear vocalist Ben Mason for new Replacer single “Dejected“, the pair going toe to toe for side project Pintglass. This new cut marks the second single following “Backbone” to leverage the talents of Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Recordings thanks to

NEWS: VCTMS and Strangled cover Slipknot…!

For us, the first two Slipknot albums remain superior, the others as good as they are have always been Sour Knot or Slip Stone, perhaps tainted by the need for Corey Taylor to water them down with something from his Stone Sour side project. So to have a pair of Deathcore Beasts in VCTMS and

NEWS: Strangled bring “Tora” to the party!

Oklahoma Beatdown Deathcore meets Slam crew Strangled have been dropping hard slapping singles recorded, mixed and mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Recordings with “Sleep” and “Defect” appearing before their brutally good split EP with Pintglass in 2020. Spin kicking 2021 into life, they’ve premiered a lyric video for another killer cut entitled “Tora“. February

Review: “Geezas Worldwide” Split EP by Strangled and Pintglass

Two bands further apart Globally you’re unlikely to find with Oklahoma Slammers Strangled playing off against Guildford, England Deathcore supergroup Pintglass, fronted by Barney Warner (Replacer)  & Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) but somehow they’ve made the unthinkable a reality. Both bands should need no introductions because both of their previous releases where

NEWS: Strangled premier “Defect”!

When it comes to Strangled, the words “Oklahoma Heavy Hitters” just don’t seem like they’re enough. August 2019 saw their self titled EP drop like a hand grenade recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Studios and now as promised via social media, they’re back with new single “Defect” for 2020 pulling the pin

NEWS: VCTMS drop new single, announce festival show for 2021!

Tag teaming in Josh from Strangled as a guest for a new track “Between Tragedy Deadly Flowers Bloom” sees VCTMS punching hard, the Steamwood Illinois Nu-Metalcore Bad Luck Crew bringing the groove. The band have announced that they will joining BroJob, HIVE, Second Death and more at The 7th Annual Pizza Show: Bigger, Heavier, Cheesier

Documentary: Bodysnatcher on Bus Invaders!

“I’ve lived my life with my eyes nailed shut,  And my mouth sewn closed not able to speak, for myself, For the first time in my life I’m standing on a mountain of POWER…” Filmed at the Chicago Illinois Cobra Lounge stop of their tour with Great American Ghost, Strangled, Born A New, Distinguisher, the tour

NEWS: Strangled get no “Sleep”!!

Oklahoma Beatdown Deathcore meets Slam crew Strangled promised a new track by the name “Sleep” to follow up their debut EP and not only have they delivered, bit they’ve also referenced “Bossman” by Street Soldier in doing so! Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Mychal Soto at Slamnasium Recordings, get ready for this one, they pulled