Review: “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” by Cell

Engineered and mixed by Trae at Like Minded Company, mastered by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording, adorned by artwork from Logan Evans and a logo by Chris Englebert, “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” marks the debit EP from Oklahoma based Cell, notable for having vocal tracking by Mychal Soto (Strangled, Pintglass)…


…how do you like your Metal cocktail? Going off like a nail bomb and slapping harder than Will Smith at the Oscars, Cell take elements of Beatdown, Deathcore, Metallic Hardcore and Death Metal and serve it over ice with a little umbrella and slice of lemon in a frosted glass. Downtuned riffs of chugging stuccato brutality cause techtonic plates to shift while nuanced squeals from the guitars and bass act as the ultimate calling to the pit during this eight minute long piece of firey intensity. The band manage to somehow shoehorn in an atmospheric solo into “Failed By The Grace of Gods Hands” before following it up with short bass and drum solo parts in quick succession. One part early Emmure, one part Suffocation, there is even time for a couple of bowel clenching vocal lows and a couple of lines of Slam in the closing few seconds. Get ready, Cell are coming to curb stomp your ass with endless breakdowns and violent groove [7/10]

Track Listing

  1. Within; Drown In The Blood of Sorrow
  2. Terror Amongst The Shadows
  3. Failed By The Grace of Gods Hands
  4. Sadistic Sounds of Suffering

Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” by Cell is out now and available over at bandcamp


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