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Review: “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” by Cell

Engineered and mixed by Trae at Like Minded Company, mastered by Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording, adorned by artwork from Logan Evans and a logo by Chris Englebert, “Sadistic Sounds of Suffering” marks the debit EP from Oklahoma based Cell, notable for having vocal tracking by Mychal Soto (Strangled, Pintglass)…   …how do you like

NEWS: Cell declared null and void?

“I drift off into the sunlight, aching for relief, I fall into the sheets but I cannot fall asleep, I drown out the silence, but I cannot find my home, I claw at the sky but the heavens cannot hear me scream alone” Ahead of shows with PeelingFlesh, Sanity Slip,  Born A New and Falsifier,