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Review: “Dies Irae” by Maps and Foils

“Without a lucky star, with rage, we burn. Discover ‘Dies Irae’, our new three-track EP! If the first extract ‘Infernal’ bowed to 90s metal, the title track is a post-metallic cavalcade highlighting Thomas’ guitars recorded just before his departure. Between two texts haunted by destroyed relationships and heavenly anger, we didn’t forget to infuse some

NEWS: Maps And Foils inflict their wrath!

Recorded 12 months ago in their native Paris France, a new three track EP from French Post-Hardcore upstarts Maps And Foils has landed in “Dies Irae” which translates from the Latin to “Day Of Wrath”. The band have shared a music video for the title track to celebrate the grand unveiling with the record including

Bootleg: “Nos Lendemains d’Hier” from Maps And Foils!

Four months after their last confession a live rendition of “Nos Lendemains d’Hier” (or “Our Tomorrows of Yesterday“) from French Post Hardcore, Metal and Mathcore inspired act Maps And Foils. It is the third from a show at Arts Digital-Studio on 2nd July 2022 which was pro-shot for your viewing pleasure. So they’re not dead

Documentary: “Abime” made by Maps And Foils!

The second single from the forthcoming sophomore album “Less Is Mort” from French Mathcore infused Post Hardcore act Maps And Foils has been given another angle with a behind the scenes video. “Abime” continues the bands love affair with the concept of the breakup as they pick up where first single “La Proie Pour L’Ombre“

NEWS: Maps And Foils return with “La Proie Pour L’Ombre”!

In love with the concept of breakup, the tightrope walker mixes metallic riffs and ethereal melodies to serve their disillusions. After a first album (‘# 1’) and a stunning digital single (“Fin Du Monde”), Maps And Foils returned in 2020 with ‘Les Anathèmes’, a punitive Mathcore EP foreshadowing the storm to come. Their new album called ‘Less

NEWS: Maps And Foils announce “Less Is Mort'” with “Anime”!

Pushing the envelope toward darkest places, the first single from French Post Hardcore collective Maps And Foils incoming second album picks up where their 2020 punitive Mathcore EP  ‘Les Anathèmes‘ left off. Very much a foreshadowing the storm to come, “Anime” brings bouncy, aggressive, emotional music meant to be played loud as the band cut

NEWS: Maps And Foils streaming “Les Anathèmes”!

At 124 seconds, the today released new album “Les Anathèmes” from Paris, France residents Maps And Foils is now streaming everywhere that you’d hope it would be. Mixed and mastered by Guitarist and vocalist Tristan Renet and self produced in lockdown, it features a trio of cuts “The Anathemas“, “The Eyes” and “The Bone Ceremony”

NEWS: Maps And Foils announce “Les Anathèmes”!

Parisian Post Hardcore and Alternative Metal outfit Maps & Foils have announced a new EP for 18th March entitled “Les Anathèmes” and available for pre-order over at bandcamp. It’s the follow up to the impressive sharp shooter of a poisonous butterfly in  single “Fin Du Monde” meaning “The End Of The World”…