NEWS: Maps And Foils inflict their wrath!

Recorded 12 months ago in their native Paris France, a new three track EP from French Post-Hardcore upstarts Maps And Foils has landed in “Dies Irae” which translates from the Latin to “Day Of Wrath”. The band have shared a music video for the title track to celebrate the grand unveiling with the record including September released single “Infernal” as well as a surprise cover song. You can of course find the record over at bandcamp.

The band comment: “Without a lucky star, with rage, we burn. Discover ‘Dies Irae’, our new three-track EP! If the first extract ‘Infernal’ bowed to 90s metal, the title track is a post-metallic cavalcade highlighting Thomas’ guitars recorded just before his departure. Between two texts haunted by destroyed relationships and heavenly anger, we didn’t forget to infuse some fun into our post-core with a cover of System Of A Down, like a return to the parent company before tackling the next cycle

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