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NEWS: Evilon take the walk of shame…

Having started life in 2015 as a Melodic Death Metal band, Evilon evolved their sound to incorporate the traditions of Nordic Folk Metal. Now they unveil as they describe it, “a song about life, all the challenges and tough times you have to face but you have to keep struggling on and keep walking” in

Under The Influence #69: Exitium Sui on “Scar Sighted” by Leviathan!

A one man Avant Garde Black Metal project, Leviathan is the moniker which Jef Whitehead otherwise known as Wrest has been using to present his work since 1998. Hailing from San Francisco California, he’s a collaborator in Sunn O))) and supergroup Twighlight and his only  co-conspirator on 2015’s sixth studio album “Scar Sighted” was Billy

Review: “Some Kind of Vampire II” by Valravne

Back in May we reviewed “Some Kind of Vampire” by Valravne and less than four months later the surprise release of part II caught us completely off guard. As with the first installment, it’s a self recorded and self produced affair, completed at Clean Sheets Studios in Asheville, North Carolina and follows the aggressive, depressive and

Riff Police! Pull Over! #16: Metallica Vs Mastodon!

Keeping with this week’s general Thrash Metal vibe, it’s time to bring some Metallica to the table. If anyone asked us “What’s Metal?” the answer is simple. A copy of Metallica’s 1986 album “Master of Puppets” would be passed over fairly quickly. It’s a stone wall classic album, highly influential and full of great Thrash