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Bootleg: “Stone Hand” from God Complex!

In the latest installment of the “Live At The Lab” session series, God Complex drop anchor with the mighty “Stone Hand”. It was recorded on 20th July and the previous cuts “Breeding Filth” and “Slumlord” from the sessions have been nothing short of masterful. December shows with MTXS and Creak are on the cards, don’t

Bootleg: “Slumlord” by God Complex!

Continuing their Live At The Lab session releases, Liverpool’s God Complex have returned with “Slumlord”. The “Lab” in question is actually Sound Lab Studios where Jack Longman, Matt Williams and James Horewood handle the elements to make the cut possible. God Complex themselves will be taking to the stage in December with Creak and MTXS!

Bootleg: “Breeding Filth” from God Complex!

20th July saw Liverpool’s God Complex perform a trio of cuts for the Live At The Lab sessions. The first of these to be let out on day release sans electronic tag is “Breeding Filth”! The track appears on the bands current EP “Created Sick”, something you can enjoy if you catch them live with