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Throwback: “Seek ‘n’ Strike” by Soulfly!

Ahead of the release of their twelfth studio album “Totem” on 5th August via Nuclear Blast, it’s time we take a trip down they yellow brick road that is memory lane and talk about the third album from Soulfly as it reaches its 20th Anniversary. Recorded at Chaton Studios in  Phoenix Arizona, “Om” an album

NEWS: Soulfly announce “Totem” with “Superstition”!

Having already been played live and spread like wildfire online, Soulfly have officially unveiled “Superstition” as the first single and opening cut of their twelfth studio album “Totem“, to be  released via Nuclear Blast on 5th August 2022. Recorded at Platinum Underground in Mesa Arizona by John Aquilino and Arthur Rizk with assistance from John

Interview: Soulfly talk Dino Cazares with Heavy New York!

Following the shock news that former Ill Niño guitarist Marc Rizzo has exited stage left from Soulfly with OG riff lord Dino Cazares from Fear Factory brought in for the bands upcoming touring commitments, Max Cavalera spoke to Heavy New York about everything from those touring plans to the 30th Anniversary of “Arise” from his

Documentary: Soulfly gear rundown with Max Cavalera!

It looks as though Digital Tour Bus have run out of new footage to bring us after the better part of four months without tours passing through their Chicago Illinois base. So in the spirit of make do and mend they’re revisiting some classics to keep us entertained. First up is this live rig rundown

Bootleg: “Under Rapture” from Soulfly!

Nuclear Blast have gone back to 11th February 2019, to a show that Soulfly played at the Gramery Theatre in New York City, New York for a second time in recent weeks to release “Under Rapture” culled from the bands set. That show was surprise released as a live EP entitled “Live Ritual NYC MMXIX”