Throwback: “Seek ‘n’ Strike” by Soulfly!

Ahead of the release of their twelfth studio album “Totem” on 5th August via Nuclear Blast, it’s time we take a trip down they yellow brick road that is memory lane and talk about the third album from Soulfly as it reaches its 20th Anniversary. Recorded at Chaton Studios inĀ  Phoenix Arizona, “Om” an album sometimes referred to simply as “3” marked the first to see Mastermind Max Cavalera in the producers chair despite previous label concerns about letting their caged animal loose. Criminally underrated, it finds the band rejoined by drummer extraordinare Roy Mayorga after departing to do Medication while former Snot guitarist Mikey Doling begins to show what he can really do. Asha Rabouin’s soulful vocals on “Tree Of Pain” are simply stunning while its opening trio are as good together as any three previously combined. Our choice goes without saying, the only question being if “Seek ‘n’ Strike” was where the label that is currently home to Exist Immortal and Upon A Burning Body found its name…

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