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Throwback: “Carved Inside” by Soulfly!

Arguably the re-birth of Soulfly from more stripped back sound so a full on Metal onslaught thanks to the much more technical sounding riffs of Marc Rizzo and thunderous bass from Bobby Burns, “Dark Ages” saw the band resurgent in 2005. It remains to this day one of the bands darkest releases exploring aggression and

Bootleg: Soulfly in Mansfield!

Liberated Tape Archive have been keeping us alive with resurrected older bootlegs from VHS tape transfers given a new lease of life. Returning to Ozzfest in Mansfield Massachusetts on 30th July 2000, this full set sees Brazilian Metallers Soulfly performing cuts from their debut self titled record plus a couple of Sepultura cuts in “Spit”

Documentary: Soulfly gear rundown with Max Cavalera!

It looks as though Digital Tour Bus have run out of new footage to bring us after the better part of four months without tours passing through their Chicago Illinois base. So in the spirit of make do and mend they’re revisiting some classics to keep us entertained. First up is this live rig rundown

Bootleg: “Under Rapture” from Soulfly!

Nuclear Blast have gone back to 11th February 2019, to a show that Soulfly played at the Gramery Theatre in New York City, New York for a second time in recent weeks to release “Under Rapture” culled from the bands set. That show was surprise released as a live EP entitled “Live Ritual NYC MMXIX”

Bootleg: “The Summoning” by Soulfly!

Nuclear Blast have released an official live video of Soulfly performing “The Summoning” at The Gramercy Theater in New York City on 11th February 2019. It’s the opening track from their brand new 27 minute, 7 song live EP entitled “Live Ritual NYC MMXIX“, which is streaming over on Spotify here

Bootleg: Soulfly in Brooklyn New York!

Taking their ritual to the masses and playing an intimate show at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn New York on 29th February 2020, Soulfly continue to be a Max Cavalera project that delivers the goods, thanks in part to the brilliance of guitarist Marc Rizzo. The man has made him indispensable to the band

Bootleg: Soulfly at Bloodstock 2019!

Having been teased with a trio of cuts culled from the set appearing earlier in the week, Max Cavalera, Marc Rizzo and company have had their full Pro-Shot set from Bloodstock 2019 shared in full today. The irony of that won’t be lost on any fans – it’s the same day that the new Sepultura

Bootleg: Soulfly at Alcatraz Festival!

What would have happened if virtuoso guitarist Marc Rizzo had remained in Ill Nino rather than joining his hero Max Cavalera in Soulfly after their debut album tour cycle was completed? Would Ill Nino have gone from strength to strength on the wings of his talent or would they still be the… divided working class

Interview: Soulfly talk Rituals!

In this fascinating interview, Little Punk People talk to Soulfly main man Max Cavalera. Conversation flows over what happens when we die, OCD, Rituals and being baptized by Lemmy. Soulfly are touring the recently released album “Ritual”. Check out our review!

Riff Police! Pull Over! #35: Pantera Vs Soulfly!

“The Great Southern Trendkill” was released in 1996 to some critical acclaim. Not only Pantera‘s eighth studio album, but widely considered their most aggressive to date and the first to feature Drop G downtuned guitar work. By this point in their career there were growing tensions in the Pantera camp (allegedly due to the Abbot brothers taste for Whiskey and Anselmo’s hunger for Heroin) which