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NEWS: Soulfly spill filth upon filth!

The studio version of a track which has been in the live set of Soulfly for over a year has been released as a single in advance of the bands new album “Totem“. Recorded at Platinum Underground in Mesa, Arizona with Max Cavalera and Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Cavalera Conspiracy, Power Trip) splitting the production

Throwback: “Seek ‘n’ Strike” by Soulfly!

Ahead of the release of their twelfth studio album “Totem” on 5th August via Nuclear Blast, it’s time we take a trip down they yellow brick road that is memory lane and talk about the third album from Soulfly as it reaches its 20th Anniversary. Recorded at Chaton Studios in  Phoenix Arizona, “Om” an album

NEWS: Soulfly announce “Totem” with “Superstition”!

Having already been played live and spread like wildfire online, Soulfly have officially unveiled “Superstition” as the first single and opening cut of their twelfth studio album “Totem“, to be  released via Nuclear Blast on 5th August 2022. Recorded at Platinum Underground in Mesa Arizona by John Aquilino and Arthur Rizk with assistance from John

NEWS: Murderhorde share rare demo “Intrepid Decay”!

The many prior convictions of Murderhorde have begun to surface with the band opening up Pandora’s box to unveil an instrumental called “Intrepid Decay“. A band who have been through many line up changes and are currently comprising drummer Joey Ambrosia and multi instrumentalist Michael Velazquez, the band have a wealth of experience in multiple

Bootleg: Soulfly in Berkeley California!

Quite how long Fear Factory mastermind Dino Cazares will remain a part of Soulfly remains to be seen but for the time being at least he seems to be holding down the touring guitarist role in the absence of anyone else. Iron Serbian from  Capital Chaos TV has shared not one but two new songs

Exclusive Interview: 20 Questions with Murderhorde!

Want a less serious, fun interview with get to know you vibes? Well look no further than our new series of them titled “20 Questions with…” because they’re all about having a good time and where else might you find a question like “If you see a Gorilla riding a Rhino down the road in

Review: “Ritual” by Murderhorde

“Witness the aftermath of a dark ritual performed by an ancient people, the consequences of which shapes the status quo for millennia to come” ~ Murderhorde Originally starting out as a full band before being boiled down to the bare essentials, Newport News, Virginia’s Murderhorde is currently a duo comprising drummer Joey Ambrosia and multi

Playthrough: “Slave” from Marc Rizzo!

It seems surreal that after 19 years, the guitarist whose departure from Ill Niño to join Soulfly should be returning to the band that he once called his own. The signature Flamenco guitar style that Marc Rizzo has very much made the first two Ill Niño records but his return, to a band that is

Interview: Soulfly talk Dino Cazares with Heavy New York!

Following the shock news that former Ill Niño guitarist Marc Rizzo has exited stage left from Soulfly with OG riff lord Dino Cazares from Fear Factory brought in for the bands upcoming touring commitments, Max Cavalera spoke to Heavy New York about everything from those touring plans to the 30th Anniversary of “Arise” from his

Throwback: “Carved Inside” by Soulfly!

Arguably the re-birth of Soulfly from more stripped back sound so a full on Metal onslaught thanks to the much more technical sounding riffs of Marc Rizzo and thunderous bass from Bobby Burns, “Dark Ages” saw the band resurgent in 2005. It remains to this day one of the bands darkest releases exploring aggression and