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Playthrough: “Serene Remains” from Mass Worship!

Stockholm heavyweights Mass Worship have used the break not only to work on new songs, but also to go back to their self-titled debut album that was released in the winter of 2019. Søren (guitar), Gustav (guitar) and Dadde (bass) sat down in their homes to film their individual parts for “Serene Remains“. That album cover is

Playthough: “Spiritual Destitution” by Mass Worship!

Mass Worship guitarists Fred Forsberg and Gustav Eriksson teach you “Spiritual Destitution” in this latest offering from the Guitar World “Sick Riffs” series. The Scandinavian quintet dropped their self titled album in 2019 and then joined our very own Brutality Will Prevail for a run of hardcore-meets-heavy metal riff shows with Forsberg stating: “We’re not

NEWS: “Sibylline Divination” lyric video from Mass Worship!

The gritty darkened metal of Stockholm Sweden quintet Mass Worship turned the heads of Century Media and landed them the opportunity to bring their self titled debut album to the masses. In light of recent World events they’ve picked “Sibylline Divination” from the record for a lyric video, a song about the secret practice of

NEWS: To the grave with Mass Worship!

Scandinavian Riff Lords Mass Worship have done the unthinkable. They’ve created a visualization video for “Dreamless Graves“. It’s going to take ages to position the obelesk. Stone henge wasn’t built in a day. Mind you with all the tours off at the minute they have plenty of time on their collective idle hands. They’re the Devil’s

NEWS: Brutality Will Prevail await the “End Of Me”!

Ending with shows in London and Cardiff on 7th & 8th December respectively, Brutality Will Prevail, Dagger Threat and Mass Worship will be tearing their way across Europe in 7 days time. Joined by Counterparts frontman Brendan Murphy, the Welsh Metallic Hardcore act have shared a music video for “End Of Me” from new record

NEWS: Dagger Threat get stoned with Left Behind?

Complete with a guest appearance from Zach Hatfield of Left Behind fame, Hamburg Germany Hardcore crew Dagger Threat have let out a music video for “Stone” from their recent record “Gestaltzerfall“. The track should not only be aired on their upcoming tour with Brutality Will Prevail and Mass Worship but should also see one of

NEWS: Mass Worship endure “Proleptic Decay”!

Soon to be on your with Brutality Will Prevail and Dagger Threat, today marks the day of the self titled album from Mass Worship appearing via Century Media. The release appears alongside a music video for “Proleptic Decay” directed by Jakob Arevarm. You can check out the album here.

Bootleg: Brutality Will Prevail at Summerblast!

Pro-Shot by Edge Media on 17th August at Vorplatz Arena in Trier Germany at Summerblast Festival, here’s a full set from Welsh Metallic Hardcore crew Brutality Will Prevail! One of the highlights of Upsurge Festival a few days later, this one is shot in Multi-Cam format. The band will be heading across Europe in December

Bootleg: Dragger Threat in Berlin!

Hamburg Germany’s Hardcore workhorse Dagger Threat will be joining Brutality Will Prevail and Mass Worship on a trek across Europe in December. Here’s a full set from them filmed Multi-Cam style by Edge Media on 15th June at Lido in Berlin!  

NEWS: Mass Worship harness the celestial powers?

Joining Dagger Threat in supporting Brutality Will Prevail across Europe in November and December will be Mass Worship. They’ll be bringing out new material from their 18th October self titled album that will be appearing via Century Media. Pre-orders for that one are available here. For those not as yet familiar, here’s “Celestial” from the