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NEWS: Old Wharf get rowdy with Worm Shepherd!

Allowing vocalist Hayden Shemilt to go toe to toe with Devin Duarte of Worm Shepherd fame, Wolverhampton Slamming Beatdown Deathcore brutes Old Wharf have offered up another virgin sacrifice in”Sombre” from a forthcoming EP. That is rumoured to be called “Wither” and feature their other recent single “Dread” with the distinctive possibility that a live

Playthrough: “Dread” from Old Wharf!

The talk of the town is that our favourite Wolverhampton hybrid Beatdown Deathcore crew Old Wharf have a new EP on the way with new single “Dread” the first from it. If that should be the case, it would their third in all with 2019’s “Reside” expanded into a full album for a 2022 deluxe

NEWS: It’s fear, loathing and dread for Old Wharf in Las Vegas!

Whisper it but it looks very much like the subliminal messages encoded in their social media teasing means that a new EP from Wolverhampton Beatdown Deathcore collective Old Wharf titled “Wither” is on the way. They have thrown “Dread” to the Wolves baying for blood at their door in order to stave them off for

NEWS: Matricide inhale the smoke and smash the mirrors!

As they have Metal Embrace Festival, Peaceore Festival and Summercide Festival, all in Germany lined up for the next few days Tel-Aviv based Groove Metal band Matricide have dropped a fourth single “Smoke And Mirrors” from a highly anticipated and long overdue sophomore album. Having already incorporated hardcore and nu-metal influences the band are threatening

Documentary: Cognitive on Bus Invaders!

During their Chicago Illinois stop at Cobra Lounge of The Orb tour with Gorod, Summing The Lich and Flub, New Jersey Technical Death Metal heavyweights Cognitive took a moment to pose for the Digital Tour Bus cameras. The latest episode of the Bus Invaders series was filmed as the band chase the smoke rings of

NEWS: Matricide obey once more?

“Why do we obey? Why do we stay in line? Why do we heed their word so? Why do we follow?Why do we not sway off the lane? Pull off the wool? Why do we not put an end to their reign & break off their rule? Wake up! They police, control, divide & conquer

NEWS: Matricide seek to understand obedience?

Tel-Aviv Groove Metal specialists Matricide. have shared a third new single in twelve months in one they like to call “Obey“. It serves to continue to build the momentum of the bands resurgence following 106k of YouTube and Spotify streams combined for neck snapping cuts “Walk Into The Flames” and “Talking To The Walls“, while

Listmania: Metal Noise Top #5 Singles of 2022!

Chapter #3 of Listmania Awards season and a conundrum presents itself like a beast from the black lagoon. In a modern world where the waterfall release strategy is prevalent how do we give you a list of our top #5 singles of 2022? There are so many to choose from, it’s like being a five

NEWS: Old Wharf spell out “The Fault In Our Design”?

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Dan Kerr of Avenue Studios one of the heaviest Beatdown Deathcore acts around in Wolverhampton residents Old Wharf have unleashed “The Fault In Our Design“, a cut which features a guest vocal appearance from Daniel Hounslow of Depravity. Appearing just days after the bands return from their first European tour

NEWS: Matricide trapped in prison hell?

Having announced their return with the collosal single “Walk Into The Flames” in April, Tel-Aviv based Groove Metal giants Matricide have announced a UK tour in October but also dropped another anvil heavy single in “Talking to the Walls“. Both cuts are set for the bands second full length album, the long awaited follow up