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NEWS: Sorroweaver speak on the pain of white deth…

A year after last single “Locus Of Control” appeared from American Nu-Metalcore duo Sorroweaver, the band have returned with a new two track EP titled “Woes Of The Animal” and dropped some pure fire with a music video for “White Deth“. They remain something of an enigma but have more than a few fans including

NEWS: Sorroweaver debut “Locus Of Control”!

After last summer saw Nu-Metalcore merchants Sorroweaver joined by Justin Johnson from Gift Giver for “Spitting Venom“, their first since EP “Mausoleum Mind“, they’ve continued to work with people that you know and love on the boards. This time out “Locus Of Control” is Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Andreas Magnusson (Fit For A King

NEWS: Sorroweaver are “Spitting Venom”!

Having heard Gift Giver return with a handful of new tracks this year and Nu-Metalcore merchants Sorroweaver hitting it out of the park with “Mausoleum Mind” in February, it’s impressive to see Justin Johnson making a guest vocal appearance on “Spitting Venom“. You know you’ve made it when a fan sends you a picture of

Review: “Mausoleum Mind” EP by SorroWeaver

Who SorroWeaver actually are remains something of a mystery at this point. All we really know is that they’re from the US, their debut EP was Recorded, mixed and mastered by VCTMS drummer Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings, which is a seal of approval in itself and what Chugcore Promotions have to say about the

NEWS: Sorroweaver have “Black Blood”?

Roping in VCTMS drummer Chris Whited to record, mix and master their upcoming new EP “Mausoleum Mind“, Sorroweaver have given us “Black Blood” as a (strip?) tease for the four track affair. The Nu-Metalcore act have slated 21st January for the full drop, with this cut streaming on Spotify now.