Review: “Mausoleum Mind” EP by SorroWeaver

Who SorroWeaver actually are remains something of a mystery at this point. All we really know is that they’re from the US, their debut EP was Recorded, mixed and mastered by VCTMS drummer Chris Whited at 1776 Recordings, which is a seal of approval in itself and what Chugcore Promotions have to say about the band. Which would be this: “Gloomy hellbringers SorroWeaver are here with the full EP ‘Mausoleum Mind’. Bringing you 4 tracks of heavy groove, loathing and misery in this debut EP release from the Nu-Metalcore newcomers“. So all we can really say is, it’s time to let the music do the talking…

A Mausoleum is usually described as “a grand or impressive building housing one or more tombs“, so to have one for your mind is like having a celebration of what it was once like to have one. Given the twisted and unhinged lyrics of some of the tracks, uttered like a mental patient who speaks without control while playing with his straight jacket, you get the impression that something is seriously wrong but while there is moonlight, love and romance, we’re going to face the music and mosh until there is nothing left in the tank. Which is exactly what you’ll be doing when you hear the staccato groove of “Black Blood” which is as much a play on silence as it is a play on the chugging riffs. Throw into the mix some turn table madness akin to Brand Of Sacrifice side project Earthshatter to accompany the vicious rap screams and a haunting ghostly sound in the background and you’ve got something that sits in the gap between Nu-Metalcore and Deathcore. Taking that same guitar style and developing on it with a flurry of furious blast beats and some tastefully done breakdown moments and you have “Remorse Roulette“. It’s the longest track on here and none of them reach that 3 minute mark so when you’re listening to this, expect the short venomous bursts that bands like Alpha Wolf and Dealer create. “The Halo Effect” has been around for almost 10 months before the EP as a whole dropped and it’s one long tirade of a rant with some off kilter spoken word and lines like “They say dead men tell no tales But here lies my late mind yelling sickly and frail Golden clouds above my head raining black incessant dread” hang in the air like pistol smoke after a gun fight as the guitars chug and scratch incessantly. Bass heavy is the introduction to “Controlled Burn” which adds in a downtempo breakdown section interspersed with blast beats as it fires through. The stylings within each track are along similar lines but by keeping the tracks short and to the point these largely go unnoticed over the first few spins. If this is the first step, then extremes are going to push out and the next two or three releases are going to see some seriously savage output from this band [7/10]

Track listing

  1. Black Blood
  2. Remorse Roulette
  3. The Halo Effect
  4. Controlled Burn

Mausoleum Mind” by SorroWeaver is out now and available over at bandcamp

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