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NEWS: Dealer strike two with “Glass Preacher”!

As the sun goes down on furious February and the madness of March approaches, the debut full length album from Australian Nu-Metalcore outfit Dealer gets closer. A 10th May release titled “New Order Of Mind“, it finds a new line up surrounding original vocalist Aidan Ellaz Holmes (ex-Alpha Wolf). That being said, the new material

NEWS: Dealer announce “New Order Of Mind”!

Having imploded in 2020, January saw the appearance of a return a single from Australian Nu-Metalcore outfit Dealer in “Show Me The Body“. A new line up now finds original vocalist Aidan Ellaz Holmes (ex-Alpha Wolf) the last man standing, joined by Diesect guitarist Jacob Rentoule, bassist Ryan Delfos and drummer Brad Lipsett. Together they

Review: “The Suffering” by Bare King

Rising from the desert sands of Bakersfield in the southern central valley of California are Deathcore collective Bare King, a quintet formed in 2018 by the writing partnership of vocalist Brandon Stirling and guitarist Louie Loera who were later joined by guitarist Richard Sherman, bassist Fernando Tejada and drummer Josh Aguilera. They made their mark

Documentary: Vocal tracking with Alpha Wolf!

Part #6 of the fly on the wall making of featurette for the upcoming new album from Australian’s Alpha Wolf courtesy of Sabian Lynch has landed. This one focuses on the vocal tracking with the slrecord set to mark the bands second with Lochie Keogh at the helm having replaced Aidan Ellaz, now in Dealer, for

Review: “Fiend” by Morphiend

Keeping their collective identities and location under wraps for now, a Nu-Metalcore band going by the name Morphiend announced their signing to label We Are Triumphant with a single entitled “Dopamine“. They have now separated from their work with Chugcore Promotions, however another two singles later and we have a full EP that features a

NEWS: TrueShot unveil “Find Me, I’m Missing”!

Mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Polaris, Gravemind, Void of Vision), New Hampshire Metalcore act TrueShot have dropped their second single. The track, which follows “Paradigm” that saw them joined by Aidan Holmes from Dealer, is entitled “Find Me, I’m Missing” and tackles a few close to home issues around broken families. Vocalist, Richard Janvrin comments:

Review: “Broken Casket” by Wake The Blind

Hailing from Melbourne Australia and taking inspiration and lyric themes from suicide, drugs, murder and domestic violence, Wake The Blind want the world to see life as they see it and talk about subjects that make people feel uncomfortable. The quintet, who comprise bassist Adam Humphreys (who also handles the synths and programming) alongside drummer

Bootleg: Dealer in Richmond Virginia!

When super group comprising former members of Northlane, Alpha Wolf and Iconoclast got together to make new material under the name Dealer, they created something bigger than the sum of their parts. Two EPs down with Stay Sick Recordings in “Soul Burn” and “Saint“, they toured the US with Spite on “The Root Of All

Playthrough: “Paradigm” by TrueShot!

…and while we’re on the subject of Dealer, yesterday we shared with you the new single from New Hampshire quartet TrueShot entitled “Paradigm” and featuring a guest vocal appearance from Aidan Holmes. Today they’ve let guitar player Adam Levesque have a moment in the limelight as he plays through the track with Evan Middleton handling the camera