Review: “New Order Of Mind” by Dealer

Four years after their last audio confession the re-emerge of controversial Australian Nu-Metalcore aggresors Dealer seemed almost impossible. What we didn’t know what that after the implosion of 2020 died down and the dust settled, original vocalist Aidan Ellaz Holmes (ex-Alpha Wolf), the last man standing from the group had brought it back. He surrounded himself with Diesect guitarist Jacob Rentoule, bassist Ryan Delfos and drummer Brad Lipsett and together they refined and redefined what is now referred to as “the dealer sound”.January 2024  saw the appearance of a return a single “Show Me The Body“ which doesn’t appear on the album, a little taster of thr shape of punk to come…

Help me find help!” roars Aidan Ellaz Holmes as the Nu-Metalcore ferocity of “Kings Die Here” opens Pandora’s box on a dark new dawn for Dealer. Painting a picture of himself as an anti hero he cathartically vents his way through the lyrical narrative as the new line up of musicians who surround him strut their stuff. They’ve managed to take the Dealer sound and refine it so the adrenaline flows from the very start, lurching and stomping with violent turbulence and aggression. Breakdowns come thick and fast as “Glass Preacher” comes in swinging Holmes threatens to cut out tongue of liars who try to set him on fire. Less playful and more direct than “Angel Killer Zero” from Diamond Construct but very much sonically in the same vein, this one has both earworm riffs and surprisingly catchy lyrics. “Devil In The Wire” ensures the punches from a prize fighter keep coming, dabbling in programming in the process. Nuances in the guitar work pour out of every orifice with such alarming regularly that it’s hard to keep up and those ensure that the album has longevity as it sits between the Bermuda triangle of Metallic Hardcore, Deathcore and Nu-Metalcore.

Another sub 3 minute cut “Red Teeth” has more venom than a thousand poisonous snakes, the bouncy bass line and glitch laden riffage enough to get even the craziest of parties started. Mosh pit action with flavours of Emmure, this one hits like a wrecking ball. We’ve heard Dealer flirt with clean vocals and melody previously and the Post-Hardcore injection that is “Pearl” returns to that with an aching heart and inevitably. The difference is that a lethal step up into their heavier side for a brutal single verse does some serious damage. An anti love song about a broken relationship from someone who doesn’t believe that it exists is surprisingly exposing and a moment of respite that allows “Violent Desire” to hit like a juggernaut. Holmes trades his usual shriller bark for a couple of brutal lows, screaming the songs title in throat splitting fashion as he seeks revenge on those who have crossed him. The downtempo groove of the final moments is what ensures this one will make the live set, a lethal dose of Australian hatred with pummeling percussion and bass lines to put bounce into the mosh pit.

Laced with 90’s break beats “New Order Of Mind” continues to feed the addiction for the Dealer sound with stuccato riff break infestations, it’s stop start judder a restless and relentless force that entices you to headbang on the first listen. The drum sound is clean and crisp while the guitar tone is so razor sharp it cuts the ear canals on route to the cranium. Mental anguish bleeds out with dark lyrics as “Hyperreal Death Scene” takes hold, painting a picture of a kill or be killed scenario as fire is fought with fire in retaliation. The kind of tune that helps you breathe more easily while throwing your friends around in a sweaty Mosh pit, it has that explosive quality with Holmes continuing to sound unhinged and in urgent need of a straight jacket. Respite comes with a longer, programmed introduction to “The Hate You Try To Hide” which lasts almost half the track. Violently turbulent and powerfully dramatic, when the vocals do surface the continue the narrative and flow of the album with verve and swagger. This is the Dealer sound and it’s as deadly as ever despite the line up changes. The comparisons between Holmes and Frankie Palmeri from Emmure in terms of the dark clouds that seem to follow them remain true and you can make up your own mind on that. The question is whether the music they create is enough to keep you coming back and in truth there are so many strengths in this offering is hard to turn your back on it once you’ve let it infect you the first time.

Pushing their boundaries “Almost Human” combines maintains the energy and momentum of the album while bringing back the clean vocals to alternate with the uncleans. Stomping and lurching while lyrically referencing the album title, it feels like a cathartic release as the clenched fist of hate loosens it’s grip for a moment. A perhaps a more diverse offering than some may have expected, “New Order Of Mind” picks up where the previous line up left off and offers a continuation of what came before it. Minor evolutions appear as extremes are pushed out but this is very much the all killer no filler record which Dealer has previously promised [8/10]

Track Listing

  1. Kings Die Here
  2. Glass Preacher
  3. Devil In The Wire
  4. Red Teeth
  5. Pearl
  6. Violent Desire
  7. New Order Of Mind
  8. Hyperreal Death Scene
  9. The Hate You Try To Hide
  10. Almost Human

New Order Of Mind” by Dealer was released on 10th May 2024.

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