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Bootleg: Dealer in Richmond Virginia!

When super group comprising former members of Northlane, Alpha Wolf and Iconoclast got together to make new material under the name Dealer, they created something bigger than the sum of their parts. Two EPs down with Stay Sick Recordings in “Soul Burn” and “Saint“, they toured the US with Spite on “The Root Of All

Bootleg: Dealer in Lakewood Ohio!

10th March 2020 saw Australian’s Dealer (ex-Northlane, ex-Alpha Wolf and more) play one of the final shows on the “Root of All Evil” tour with Spite. Pro-shot by Leo Sypniewski at The Foundry Concert Club in Lakewood Ohio and including “Blade in the Bullet Wound“, “Melancholy Oxidase” and “Tourniquet“, here’s the full set from them.

Bootleg: Dealer in Atlanta!

Filmed at Masquerade in Atlanta Georgia on 29th February 2020, here’s a set of tracks from Dealer as they continue to support Spite on The Root of All Evil tour. Their surprise released EP “Saint” appeared out of nowhere a couple of weeks back and on their current release rate they’ll have an album out

Bootleg: Dealer at Chain Reaction #2!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. We did share this very same set from Australian Gloom crew Dealer from Chain Reaction in Anaheim California on 15th February earlier this week. However, this one is Pro-Shot by 197 Media from a multitude of different angles and with no offense intended, is superior to the previous one.

NEWS: Dealer bring the “Violent Stimuli”!

If you’re wondering exactly what an “Official Visual Video” is then look no further than this one for “Violent Stimuli” from Australian Monsters Dealer. They might not have played it live as yet but it won’t be long because it’s getting a lot of attention, taking pride of place on their new EP “Saint“. Be

Bootleg: Dealer at Chain Reaction!

Last week saw Australian Gloom Metallers Dealer surprise release a sophomore EP entitled “Saint” via Stay Sick Recordings and damn but it’s good. Here’s a full set from “The Root Of All Evil Tour” at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California as they continue to tour with Spite, Varials, Orthodox and Unity. The set sees new

Review: “Saint” EP by Dealer

Since March 2019 and the arrival of their debut 6 track EP “Soul Burn“, Melbourne Australia based super group Dealer have been turning a lot of heads with their abrasive take on Gloom Metal with a pinch of Deathcore and some Nu-Metal bounce in the mix. The project has a line up that consists of

NEWS: Dealer announce “Saint” with “Tourniquet”!

And when you weren’t looking, having announced a wealth of shows for 2020, including trips from their native Australia to Japan and the US, Dealer have only gone and dropped a sophomore EP! Entitled “Saint“, it sees a video for “Tourniquet” out today via Stay Sick Recordings. A super group that has ex-Northlane, ex-Alpha Wolf,