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Exclusive Interview: Aois Innealan talk gear, stories and more (video)!

Forged in the fires of the South African Black Metal scene, solo project Aois Innealan (Age Of Machinery) has been creating Industrial Metal sounds that demand to be heard, releasing an EP pairing “Colossus” and “Mechanical Temple” in the past six months, not to mention a quartet of standalone tracks. We spoke to prolific Mastermind

Review: “Mechanical Temple” by Aois Innealan

Having spent time in the Black Metal Underground scene in South Africa with Scathanna Wept, Daniel Botha became inspired by the work of Septicflesh, Rammstein and Nine Inch Nails to create his own Industrial Metal project as a solo artist, taking the name Aois Innealan (Age of Machinery) as his own and since then he’s

NEWS: Aois Innealan return with “Mechanical Temple”!

Much like Faith No More, South African Industrial Metal project Aois Innealan (Age of Machinery) have unleashed a sophomore EP from out of nowhere. Entitled “Mechanical Temple” and with a Mech Warrior on the cover, it brings four new tracks to the table with “Everything Is A Lie” appearing as a single. All of this