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NEWS: Shadow Of Intent unveil “Where Millions Have Come to Die”!

Shadow Of Intent will be in Europe at the turn of the year with a tour that was originally for critically acclaimed Symphonic Deathcore record “Meloncholy” but will now be the first for upcoming new release “Elegy” but they are not the only ones and circumstances out of their control have dictated their actions. The

NEWS: Shadow Of Intent to return with “Elegy”!

The return of Shadow Of Intent with their highly anticipated fourth studio album “Elegy” will happen on the 14th January 2022. Written and recorded at guitar player and producer Chris Wiseman’s studio in Beacon, New York and featuring guest vocals from Phil Bozeman of Whitechapel and Chuck Billy of Testament, it also sees them bringing

NEWS: Shadow Of Intent “Laid To Rest”!

After Enterprise Earth dropped something of a surprise cover of “Now You’ve Got Something to Die For” by American Groove Metal Kings Lamb Of God last year, Symphonic Deathcore collective Shadow Of Intent have followed suit and unveiled a cover of “Laid To Rest“. Both cuts originally appear on Lamb Of God’s 2004 album “Ashes of

Playthrough: “Intensified Genocide” from Shadow Of Intent!

As we’ve reached the  second anniversary of “Melancholy“, what says Metal more than Shadow Of Intent drummer Bryce Butler hammering out “Intensified Genocide” with an ear to ear grin on his face? Sabian, VK, Tama, Evans, Los Cabos and ACD gear makes up the impressive kit on display and we patiently await their third time

NEWS: Shadow Of Intent get Intense…

Having lost their European Summer Festival plans, Shadow Of Intent are itching to get to the continent in January 2022 for a twice rescheduled tour with The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Aversions Crown and Angelmaker. Those shows will have at least one new song in the set with the band premiering “Intensified Genocide“, a

NEWS: Shadow Of Intent bring “Gravesinger” to the table!

The arrival of a music video for “Gravesinger” has surfaced from Shadow of Intent with the not so surprising news that Bryce Butler, who has been gracing the drum stool since “Meloncholy” was released will be their permanent drummer with Anthony Barone exiting stage left to pursue other opportunities: “Unfortunately, the time has come for

Playthrough: “Meloncholy” by Shadow Of Intent!

Arguably the finest Symphonic Deathcore album of 2019 was “Meloncholy” by Shadow Of Intent. The album has opened doors for the Connecticut bruisers with European shows still scheduled for August. Sticksman Anthony Barone has dropped a playthrough video for the title track of the album as he looks to stay sharp for those shows.

Interview: Shadow of Intent talk first concert ever!

Having announced February and March 2021 tour dates with As I Lay Dying and Whitechapel in the US last month, we’re still hoping that Shadow Of Intent will arrive upon our shores for a pair of shows in late August 2020. Bassist Andrew Monias and guitarist Chris Wiseman spoke to Digital Tour Bus for their

Documentary: Shadow Of Intent on “Crazy Tour Stories”!

Back in January, Shadow Of Intent played Reggies in Chicago Illinois, bringing their Symphonic Death Metal sounds from “Meloncholy” to the masses with Inferi, Signs Of The Swarm and Brand Of Sacrifice. Outside the venue, the Digital Tour Bus cameras were rolling for another episode of “Crazy Tour Stories“.

Bootleg: “The Heretic Prevails” from Shadow Of Intent!

Filmed at Gas Monkey Bar n’ Grill in Dallas Texas on 3rd September 2019, here’s “The Heretic Prevails” from Shadow Of Intent. They’ll be upon our shores for a pair of shows at the 36 Crazyfists favourite time of the year. The end of August. Their critically acclaimed album “Meloncholy” is out now.