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Review: “Mercer 217” by Vatic

Conceived in 2018, Vatic are a band who have fallen in love with the art of storytelling, crafting lyrics around characters rather than venting on opinions or current affairs. Pairing that style with their sonic creations of dark and gloomy soundscapes with bittersweet melodies and aggressive tendencies and you have the foundation of the Australian

NEWS: Vatic reach the bitter end…?

“We’re leavin’ together, But still it’s farewell, And maybe we’ll come back, To Earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame, We’re leaving ground (leaving ground), Will things ever be the same again? It’s the final countdown”

NEWS: Vatic watch the colour drain…

Melbourne Metalcore outfit Vatic have shared a solemn side to their forthcoming EP with new single “The Colour In Your Eyes“. The song describes the solemn realisation of the crime this character has committed, and provides an insight on what went through Chance’s mind following the unthinkable. The new track is third to drop from

NEWS: Vatic endure a summer of insomnia…

Inspired by classic horror slashers and psychopaths “No Sleep” is the second installment from forthcoming concept EP “Mercer 217″¬†from Melbourne Metalcore outfit Vatic. The 21st October releasing record follows protagonist Chance as sinister events unfold with a storytelling narrative from vocalist Matt Payne brought to life by the band with assistance from long time collaborator