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NEWS: Imonolith rescheduled for April showers…

It seems increasingly unlikely that any bands from outside of Europe will make their way to our shores before the turn of the year with the latest tour to be rescheduled being that of Canadian Supergroup Imonolith. They have had the headlining European tour trek for their album “State Of Being” pushed back for a

Playthrough: “Hollow” from Imonolith!

The third and final playthrough video from the collaboration between Imonolith drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen and online learning platform Drumeo sees the former Devin Townsend Project man deliver fan favourite “Hollow” from the bands debut “State Of Being“. The Canadians have and EP called “Progressions” on the way which has seen two pre-release singles ahead

Playthrough: “Becoming The Enemy” from Imonolith!

We’ve had to wait a couple of weeks but finally Canadian Supergroup Imonolith have released the second of three playthrough videos that drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen did with online drum lesson company Drumeo. The first one was “Angevil” from the bands as yet undated EP “Progressions” so this time out they have returned to debut

Playthrough: “Angevil” from Imonolith!

Taking some time out from his busy schedule Imonolith drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen has teamed up with online drum lesson company Drumeo to record a trio of drum playthrough videos. The first is for recent single “Angevil” from the bands upcoming as yet undated EP “Progressions” with the band about to reign terror on Europe

NEWS: Imonolith take on the army of Bjork!

Canadian Supergroup Imonolith have been talking about their sophomore record “Progressions” for as long as we can remember but finally second single and Bjork cover “Army of Me” has appeared. A curious choice as it’s been well covered in the past by everyone from German Metalcore mainstays Caliban, Nu-Metal outfit Poweman 5000 and even Page

Documentary: Behind the vocals of “Angevil” with Imonolith!

Gearing up for a third time rescheduled European tour trek, Canadian Supergroup Imonolith (Threat Signal, ex-Devin Townsend Project, Methods Of Mayhem, Econoline Crush) have recorded a cover of “Army Of Me” by Björk and will be premiering it on 30th July. The track will appear on their sophomore release, an EP entitled “Progressions” that has

Documentary: Vocal tracking for “Angevil” from Imonolith!

At the end of May, Canadian Metal supergroup Imonolith (Threat Signal, Devin Townsend Project, Econoline Crush and Methods Of Mayhem) unveiled the first single from their upcoming EP “Progressions“, something they have been working on while having not been able to tour their debut album “State Of Being” over the past 18 months. This new

Documentary: Imonolith recording guitars for “Angevil”!

After last week’s drum tracking featurette, Imonolith have turned their attention to the guitars for their latest single “Angevil“. The cut will appear on an as yet undated EP “Progressions” with the footage seeing vocalist Jon Howard and guitarist Kai Huppunen rehearsing and before recording at JVP Studios in Vancouver Canada. We’ve got our fingers

Documentary: Imonolith recording drums for “Angevil”!

Canadian Metallers Imonolith who feature in their ranks members and former members of Threat Signal, The Devin Townsend Project, Econoline Crush and Methods of Mayhem have had to wait so long to be able to tour their album “State Of Being” that they returned to the studio to record a follow up EP entitled “Progressions“.

NEWS: Imonolith share “Angevil” ahead of November shows!

Having seen their European tour plans go up in smoke in March 2021, Supergroup Imonolith have done the only thing they could do and returned to the studio to record a follow up to debut album “State of Being“. While no date for EP “Progressions” has been set as yet, they’ve given us a new