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Playthrough: “Rubedo” by Michel Anoia!

One of the finest pieces of Power Violence meets Avante-Garde Black Metal albums since… well… “Alphaville” by Imperial Triumphant has to be the recently received “Nervures” by Michel Anoia. The billboard may have read “Third and Final album” but [Spoiler Alert] they’re not calling it quits as was brought up by the Frenchmen in a

Exclusive Interview: Michel Anoia talk third album “Nervures”!

An astounding piece of Power Violence meets Avant-garde Black Metal history in “Nervures” from French trio Michel Anoia landed quite literally in our laps ahead of its release last month and once we’d heard it once, we were addicted as the band leap through rings of fire in Metal subgenre form with consummate ease. Once

Review: “Nervures” by Michel Anoia

“The horizon darkens, and the water hardens. The story continues for Michel Anoia on Nervures just as much as it ends, an initiatory journey that has only just begun. From v*olence suffered and acted out, from past experiences to that of the present. The seven songs on Nervures evoke the pangs of guilt and torments