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Review: “Worms” by Rötual

Having crash landed their spacecraft in an apocalyptic wasteland members of Signs Of Chaos, Norilsk, Sons of the Nether (Misshapen), Whispers In The Maze and Dead Culture Society formed Rötual in 2023 as they opened an interdimensional gateway into the realms of Death infused Doom Metal. Taking the lefthand path they chose Topon Das (Dead Soul Alliance, They Grieve,

NEWS: The early bird catches the Rötual?

A three song release described as a rotten sample of things to come has been announced by Canadian Death Doom outfit Rötual. Formed in 2023 and comprising musicians from Signs Of Chaos, Norilsk, Sons of the Nether (Misshapen), Whispers In The Maze and Dead Culture Society, the band have prepared a debut EP titled “Worms” for

Review: “Self Titled” by Harvested

A rising force in Ottawa Ontario Canada, Harvested are a Death Metal quartet who are highly thought of by those in the know, including Suffocation drummer Eric Morotti. His warm words for the bands creations that pay homage to classics of 90’s and early 2000’s whilst not relying on any backing tracks or digital disfigurement,

Playthrough: “Bereavement” from Harvested!

Get ready because something wicked this way comes as Canadian Harvested prepare to open the gates of hell and unleash all the demons with their self titled debut Death Metal EP on 7th May which on the evidence of first single “Apathetic” and now this thunderous percussive battery drum playthrough for “Bereavement” takes influence from

Documentary: TripleMurder does Pembroke!

Ottawan quartet TripleMurder joined Fumigation, Misshapen and Exo-Vedate at The Nelson Street Pub in Pembroke Ontario Canada, a venue that promises intoxicating drinks, ridiculously good food, unrivaled entertainment (and maybe a few shenanigans!) for a show they’ve filmed a mini tour diary around. The band let loose with their debut “Pre-Mediated“, a fine example of