Review: “Worms” by Rötual

Having crash landed their spacecraft in an apocalyptic wasteland members of Signs Of Chaos, Norilsk, Sons of the Nether (Misshapen), Whispers In The Maze and Dead Culture Society formed Rötual in 2023 as they opened an interdimensional gateway into the realms of Death infused Doom Metal. Taking the lefthand path they chose Topon Das (Dead Soul Alliance, They Grieve, The Night Watch) at Apartment 2 to produce, mix, and master their work, electing to unveil an EP ahead of a full length album in the year of the Solar Eclipse that is 2024. In order to keep the releases separate while ensuring the EP acts as an amuse bouche for the album, the first release includes the title track as two alternative versions of songs to be found on the forthcoming full length…

If you’re wondering just who those musicians are, vocalist Nic Miquelon (Norilsk), bassist and backing vocalist Ben Bertrand (Sons of the Nether, Whispers In The Maze), guitarist Tom Hansen (Signs Of Chaos, Norilsk) and drummer Mike Berrigan (Whispers In The Maze,Dead Culture Society) are the convicts in question, men for whom it seems one project is simply not enough to satisfy the creative itch. Stripped down to the bare essentials, the sound of  Rötual circles the drain of Groove Death Metal with an almost primitive quality to it as the “Worms” begin to digest the soul of the traveller from a distant planet. Part of the joy of the title track is that part of the beasts nature, it’s almost monolithic main riff and neanderthal like vocals from Miquelon giving it a simplicity and directness that makes it divine. It’s not all like that of course and the satisfying stomp is broken up by some elevated moments of more involved Death Metal riffage but that doesn’t detract from the crushing Doom atmosphere the quartet have created. Second cut “Mycélium” is delivered in the French language in a cultural nod to the bands heritage and it has to be said that Das deserves a lot of credit for nailing the mix and the guitar tone; it’s perfect for the sound that Rötual are looking to create. A couple of leads and a bass solo of a kind rise to prominence in this one, it’s rich textures and powerful rhythms making it something to savour. The mid tempo 90’s Death Metal inspirations behind this one are intriguing and it would be interesting to crack open the skull and observe the brains to find out a little more. Last but by no means least, a second cut in the French language “Ultime Voyage” rears its ugly head with Melodic Death Metal tinged riffs adding a spice that’s nice to contrast the brutal Death Metal vocals from Miquelon. All in all the EP does what it says on the tin and provides an insight into the shape of punk to come from the Canadians, the prospect of a lengthy reign of domination from Rötual is an intriguing one [7.5/10]

  1. Worms
  2. Mycélium (version française)
  3. Ultime Voyage

Worms” by Rötual is out 31st May 2024 and is available over at bandcamp.

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