Review: “Godfather” EP by Daybreak

Surprisingly not featuring 2018’s “Acid Green” single which is now a standalone affair, “Godfather” is the latest offering from Perth Western Australian quintet Daybreak. They debuted with 2017’s “Death Dreams”, a full length album of much promise and now the group comprising vocalist Shaun Cox, bassist Liam Webster, drummer Sam Warren and guitarist duo Brode Wilson and Blake Pearce have returned.

Industrial strains introduce “Therapy” before a driven riff smashes though it like a van into the front of a bank before a robbery. The buried electronics bleed out in atmospheric gaps in the main track while remaining buried in the sound so you hear them as nuance rather than the main sound and you get them after multiple listens. It’s an interesting touch that brings to mind newer Slipknot material where DJ Sid Wilson is adding minor touches and tweaks. What’s interesting about this one as a track is that after that initial battering ram, things gradually slow down for a mid song clean verse from Cox before things step up again with some impressive uncleans and the thud of bands of yesteryear like Downthesun. The clean vocals have an effect on them that give the impression of a group vocal that isn’t but none the less the tune is a finely balanced one. The bright Melodic guitar work at the start of “Bad Boy” might give rise to a double take, thinking you’ve been zapped into something else but that bubble is burst within seconds with some aggressive and urgent riffage and a powerhouse piece of kit work. The movement in the vocals between a higher pitched post-hardcore element and a deeper bark from Cox works really well, though someone else will have to step up live due to the way they’ve worked the layering, not giving any pause for breath. There is some rap sample worth in this one and if you’re a fan of Alpha Wolf or Dealer then the riffs on show include plenty of that same groove style. Title track “Godfather” is something of a cut above with all the elements of both of the earlier tracks and a little bit more. It showcases that there is more than meets the eye to this band and that they are capable of following the likes of Northlane to something that could take them on European Festival runs. It’s done with a big contrast between some Progressive Metalcore that adds ambience and a slow burn while still having a satisfying crunch. The only thing wrong with this EP is that it’s way too short. This band are crying out to be picked up by a label who can inject the opportunity for another full length [8/10]

Track listing

  1. Therapy
  2. Bad Boy
  3. Godfather

“Godfather” by Daybreak is out now

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