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Bootleg: Vulvodynia at Rebellion!

South African Slamming Brutal Death Metallers Vulvodynia have been promoting “Mob Justice” since well before it’s release and literally been around the World in 80 days supporting it with shows everywhere and anywhere. 6th December saw them gatecrash Manchester Rebellion for a set Pro-Shot by Snakebite TV including “Famine” and “Nyaope”.. .

Documentary: Vulvodynia on Bus Invaders!

South African Slamming Brutal Death Metallers Vulvodynia raised more than a few eyebrows as they toured the Globe in support of “Mob Justice”, including a European Tour with Fit For An Autopsy! While they were in the US earlier this summer, they stopped at Reggies in Chicago Illinois and the Digital Tour Bus Invaders cameras

Playthrough: “Echos of the Motherland” by Vulvodynia!

Recorded by Bassist Chris Van Der Walt, Mixed by Andrew Zinc Connor Reibling at Hollowed Studios and Mastered by Yannick St-Amand, Durban, South Africa natives Vulvodyna have toured the Globe in support of their 30th June released Brutal Death Metal (Deathcore?) album “Mob Justice”! We saw the band with Fit For An Autopsy in London

NEWS: Vulvodynia suffer “Famine”!

Brutal Slamming Death Metallers and Durban South African natives Vulvodynia have been celebrating “Mob Justice” with a World Tour. While they’re currently tearing up the US, they’ve let us have a new music video in the brutally hard hitting “Famine”! Yes, we should really change that cover image.

Bootleg: Vulvodynia in Manchester!

Pro-Shot by Snakebite TV at Manchester Rebellion on 2nd June here’s is a full set from South African Slamming Brutal Death Metallers Vulvodynia! Their new album “Mob Justice” is out now and available anywhere that’s good. Their World Tour is very much in full flow!

NEWS: Vulvodynia steaming album title track!

Oddly releasing on a Monday instead of following 99% that appear on Friday, tomorrow will see “Mob Justice” from South African Brutal Death Metallers Vulvodynia appearing everywhere that’s good. Featuring guest appearances from Alex Taylor of Malevolence, Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder and Martin Matousek of Gutalax, it’s an album that promises much.

NEWS: Vulvodynia’s “Mob Justice” approaches…

Featuring guest vocalists Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator and Kevin Muller of The Merciless Concept, Suffocation and Pyrexia fame, Durban South African Slamming Brutal Death Metallers Vulvodynia have given us a lyric video for new song “Anthropophagus” from their upcoming new album “Mob Justice”!