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Vs Tuesday: Two Bands! One Song! Who Wins?! FIGHT! From The Sky.

Not knowing who they were, we were introduced to Canadian Progressive Metallers Protest The Hero in the best possible way, as a support act at a live show as they toured Europe in support of debut album “Kezia” something like fifteen years ago. We were hooked by the concept album that tells the tale of

Playthough: “Gouge” from Joshua Travis and Andy Cizek!

Monuments vocalist Andy Cizek has been collaborating with a wealth of other musicians of late including Nik Nocturnal in Termina and joining him for “Gouge” is none other than Emmure guitarist Joshua Travis. The pair previously released “The Hollow” together in April so to have more from them as a pair is fantastic. For those

Documentary: Monuments drum studio tour!

Taking a break from his weekly playthrough videos, Monuments drummer Mike Malyan has chosen instead to give us a tour of his drum studio complete with an introduction to some of the bespoke equipment he uses and more importantly the microphone and camera setup to ensure that if you wanted to get videos as good

Playthrough: “Walk With Me In Hell” from Monuments!

Taking break from his weekly plough through the Monuments back catalogue, Mike Malyan has recorded a playthrough for “Walk With Me In Hell” by Lamb Of God for a good cause. After receiving a request from Nepalese Metalcore act Underside to dedicate a video to Metal For Nepal, whom you can read more about here.

Playthrough: “Leviathan” by Monuments!

Every week Monuments drummer Mile Malyan has been dropping the one take playthroughs of the bands classic material and this week is the turn of “Leviathan“. This one actually has a two fill edit with gear from Meinl, Evans, ProMark, Pearl, Gibraltar, Tama and more used in the process but the thing we love the

Playthrough: “Horcrux” from Monuments!

What’s Mike Malyan going to do with his time when he’s completed a playthrough video for the entire Monuments back catalogue? Keeping himself sharp for the next opportunity to play a show, which at this point looks like 2021, he’s done a one take video for “Horcrux”. No audio edits and no triggers.

NEWS: Monuments Andy Cizek covers “Rule of Nines” Spiritbox!

On the subject of frontmen releasing covers this weekend, Monuments and Termina vocalist Andy Cizek is joined by multi instrumentalist João Medeiros (Guitars, Bass, Mixing, Programming) for a rendition of “Rule of Nines” by Spiritbox, a band who seem to be flavour of the month and attracting a lot of attention from their contemporaries and

Playthrough: “I, the Creator” from Monuments!

Gradually working his way through the bands back catalog, keeping himself sharp and ready for any live shows that might appear on the horizon, Monuments drummer Mike Malyan has released a one take warts and all playthrough video for “I, the Creator“. No audio edits, comps or triggers, just what he actually played.

Playthrough: “Origin Of Escape” from Monuments!

Returning to 2014’s “The Amanuensis” for the second time this week, Monuments drummer Mike Malyan has recorded another one take playthrough, this time for “Origin Of Escape“. It appears that the band themselves are working on new material in the background while awaiting the ability to take to the stage once more, judging by some

Playthrough: “Black Bear” by Whitechapel!

Whitechapel touring drummer Alex Rudinger has shared a playthrough video for his personal favourite track of the bands to play live in “Black Bear“. The man who also plays drums for Intervals had former Monuments drummer Anup Sastry handle the audio mix on this while he also expressed his missing of the touring life, playing