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Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Montreal!

Rewinding the clock back to 4th February 2003 for his freshly released and loving restored full set from New York Hardcore crew Most Precious Blood which took place at Salle L’X in Montreal Canada, it serves as a reminder of what we’ve been missing out on. It was recorded by Sebastian Lapointe and was restored

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Burlington!

If there was one band we could seemingly bring back from the grave it would be Most Precious Blood. It’s been nine long years since “Do Not Resuscitate” and while they have always claimed that they’re just taking time off with no pressing urge to write, the New York Hardcore act are much missed in

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in Manchester!

Courtesy of David Tan, here’s a a pro-shot full set from New York Hardcore Punks Most Precious Blood. It took place at The Star & Garter in Manchester on 28th September 2004 as the band tore across Europe in support of the brilliance that is “Our Lady Of Annihilation“. Who can forget “The Great Red

Playthrough: Full Set from One King Down!

Albany New York Hardcore veterans One King Down tore up Reverb in Reading Pennsylvania at Keystone Jam in December 2019 where they joined Jesus Piece, Earth Crisis and Wisdom In Chains. Here’s dedicated drum cam footage of Derrick Van Wie demolishing the place. When will we see fresh material from Rob Fusco’s other band Most

Playthough: Full Set from Most Precious Blood!

Pro-Shot by hate5six here’s the Most Precious Blood drum cam from their set at the final Back to School Jam in White Eagle Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey on 7th September 2019. Whether the absence of Rob Fusco from the line up means no new material or not, the band seem intent to resume

Bootleg: Most Precious Blood in New Jersey!

One of our favourite Metallic Hardcore bands Most Precious Blood took to the stage on 7th September at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City New Jersey, though Rob Fusco is nowhere to be seen. Maybe he’s too busy with One King Down these days. “Our Lady Annihilation” remains a firm favourite in these parts.

Review: “Q3” EP by Mind Power

It’s been 3 months since their previous EP “Q2” and having featured guest appearances from John Henry of Darkest Hour and Rob Fusco of One King Down and Most Precious Blood  on “Q1”, Mind Power from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania who feature former members of A Life Once Lost, Dead End Path, Ligeia and Bring The Heat have brought “Q3” to the plate with a guest appearance

Review: “Ache” by MTXS

Essex Hardcore crew MTXS have to be one of the most hard working on the UK Underground Metal circuit. Playing everywhere and anywhere, we had the joy of witnessing their love show a few times last year, including at the very first incarnation of Upsurge Festival at The Newcross Inn in London. Known for their

Throwback: “The Great Red Shift” by Most Precious Blood!

“Our Lady Of Annihilation” by Brooklyn New York Metallic Hardcore crew Most Precious Blood from 2003 that took everyone by surprise. They had formed a couple of years earlier from the ashes of another band called Indecision and were based around the axe wielding duo of Rachel Rosen and Justin Brannan. The bands second album

Bootleg: One King Down at Outbreak Festival!

One King Down are a Metallic Hardcore band from Albany New York who feature in their ranks Rob Fusco of Most Precious Blood. Playing their first shows in 18 years outside of the US, here’s a full Pro-Shot set from Canal Mills in Leeds on 28th April 2019! That was Outbreak Festival!