The Black Map #135: Lenged Out from Southampton!

The south coast has provided a fertile soil for Metal bands to grow over with a number of decent venues for bands to gain a fan base as well as bigger venues for international bands to offer some inspiration. Southampton offers The Loft, Engine Rooms, The Joiners and that’s just for starters, three venues that

NEWS: Pintglass will accept “No More Disrespect”!

It’s been almost twelve months since the tongue in cheek Gezzacore debut “Way Of The Gezza” from Guilford duo Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) and Barney Warner (Replacer) put its brick through out front window before demanding a cup of builders tea with seventeen sugars and with some live shows for 2021 including

Bootleg: MTXS in Liverpool!

Have you felt the ache? The sophomore album from MTXS saw them tap up Loathe Guitarist Eric Bickerstaffe to produce the follow up to their 2017 self titled debut and to try and capture some of that live magic which they are renowned for. 16th February saw them play Kazimier in Liverpool and it was filmed

NEWS: MTXS return with “Bad Blood”!

Directed by WoodVisuals, MTXS have dropped a music video for “Bad Blood” from the brilliant “Ache“. One of the hardest working Hardcore bands in the UK Underground Metal scene, they’ve got merch over at their Big Cartel site here should you wish to support them. Having witnessed them live, not least in supporting Preston big

Review: “Beneath The Surface” EP by Stitched

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Murry at Bay Ten Studios, “Beneath The Surface” is the debut EP from Birmingham hardcore quintet Stitched. They love both Down and MTXS and have a bio that simply says “Bring back the hate” while debut “Second Face” landed via the Slam Worldwide YouTube channel a month before their

Playthrough: “Choked” from MTXS!

Arty Black and White drumcam footage of MTXS performing “Choked“? If you haven’t slept or felt the ache yet then the South East Hardcore act are ones you need to check out. Live favourites, they know how to bring the Mosh as Kings of the Underground Metal circuit. This footage was filmed by WoodVisuals.

Playthrough: “Choked” from MTXS!

They’re calling it a ‘playthrough‘, we’re calling it ‘live in the studio‘ but either way, filmed in black and white by Jack Longman and Jordon Noon at Monolith Studios London, here’s “Choked” from South East Hardcore crew MTXS. The song appears on their second album “Ache” while the band are still accepting pre-orders for a new

NEWS: Homelands premier new song “Disassociation”!

Formed in 2017, East Anglia melodic hardcore quintet Homelands have made a solid start to their collective music careers. Smashing a pair of EPs out of the park in less than a year in 2018, their April debut “Hurt People Hurt People” saw the impressive “Origins” get a reaction video on the FYM Reacts YouTube

Bootleg: “Mortal Fear” from Graphic Nature!

Filmed at The Flapper in Birmingham on 10th November 2019, here’s “Mortal Fear” from Kent quintet Graphic Nature. They’ve been making waves of late with a trio of singles and a wealth of higher profile support slots. 23rd February will see them joining Monasteries and MTXS at The Sussex Arms in Royal Tunbridge Wells.