NEWS: A glass half full for Sunfall?

Having announced the departure of vocalist Sam Worsfold for a second time in December, Sunfall could have been forgiven for taking some time out to recharge but not a bit of it. They announced former MTXS guitarist Aidan Cooper as their new frontman in July before shows with Decapitated and Signs Of The Swarm as

Playthrough: “Obliterate” from Lotus Eater!

Dedicated drum cam footage of Lotus Eater sticksman Cameron Humphreys performing new single “Obliterate” at the Download Festival pilot event is an absolute pleasure courtesy of Josh Wagner. Sabian Cymbals, Evens Heads, Mapex Saturn IV shells and Primark 2B sticks were all used in the making of this video. The album, “Where The Body Goes”

Interview: Lotus Eater talk “Where The Body Goes” with Knotfest!

Fresh from playing the Download Festival pilot event, Gloom Metal pioneers Lotus Eater sat down with Knotfest in not one but two separate interviews to discuss the bands upcoming new album “Where The Body Goes“, working with Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes and the tour that they have set to take the United

NEWS: Lotus Eater in search of bodies…

Following the arrival of single “Vermin” and the announcement of a new line up, Lotus Eater have gone one step further and let us know that next month, on 23rd July, they will be dropping a new album via Hopeless Records. Complete with the kind of creepy and sinister Serial Killer artwork we’ve seen elsewhere

Playthrough: “Vermin” from Lotus Eater!

Milking their return single “Vermin” for all it’s worth, after a live drum playthrough from Cameron Humphrey and a one take vocal in the same vein from former MTXS frontman Paul Collins, now it’s the turn of new Lotus Eater guitarist Adrian Cooper, also formerly of MTXS to drop his own video. So from behind

Playthrough: “Vermin” from Lotus Eater!

Now that the re-tooled Gloom Metal pioneers Lotus Eater have announced themselves with a brand new single in “Vermin“, drummer Cameron Humphrey has been caught on camera playing the track through as live in a single take and if you’re thinking there is something familiar about him, that Leopard hair style was once the choice

Playthrough: “Vermin” from Lotus Eater!

Now that the smoke has cleared, the dust settled and the mirrors of illusions of a new beginning shattered, Lotus Eater have re-emerged as an entirely new beast. Drummer Cameron Humphrey is the only remaining member of the original line up with former MTXS members Adrian Cooper and Paul Collins joining on guitar and vocals

NEWS: Lotus Eater return with “Vermin”!

For all the social media talk of fresh starts and new beginnings making us feel like Glaswegian Gloom Metal Monsters Lotus Eater might suddenly have flipped a coin and decided to drop a Shoegaze album, it seems that what was meant was a big line up shift. Judging by the new social media pictures and

The Black Map #135: Lenged Out from Southampton!

The south coast has provided a fertile soil for Metal bands to grow over with a number of decent venues for bands to gain a fan base as well as bigger venues for international bands to offer some inspiration. Southampton offers The Loft, Engine Rooms, The Joiners and that’s just for starters, three venues that

NEWS: Pintglass will accept “No More Disrespect”!

It’s been almost twelve months since the tongue in cheek Gezzacore debut “Way Of The Gezza” from Guilford duo Ben Mason (Bound In Fear, Sunfall, Carbine) and Barney Warner (Replacer) put its brick through out front window before demanding a cup of builders tea with seventeen sugars and with some live shows for 2021 including