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NEWS: Bury Tomorrow return to The Grey…

…for a music video that consists of a live performance and the album take on the track, the first pre-release single from their current album “Cannibal“. The footage itself comes from the “Black Flame” tour which preceded the single release and saw the band not only announce the album but also perform the song live.

Documentary: Three Albums That Changed My Life with Bury Tomorrow #2!

Following last weeks insight into the albums that influenced Bury Tomorrow drummer Adam Jackson, the South Coast Metalcore hereos have past the mantle to vocalist Dani Winter-Bates for his holy trinity of records that changed his life. The “Cannibal” European headlining tour will kick off in November 2021 but will they manage to squeeze in

Documentary: Three Albums That Changed My Life with Bury Tomorrow!

If you’re a regular reader of Metal Noise, you’ll know we love to find out the musical influences of bands, so we’re really happy that the drummer of South Coast Metalcore heroes Bury Tomorrow Adam Jackson has shared a trio of albums that changed his life while the band continue to promote their latest offering

Interview: Bury Tomorrow talk band mates!

Continuing their mini chat streams Bury Tomorrow bassist Davyd Winter-Bates, drummer Adam Jackson talk about what life is like on tour with their band mates, one week after the other members of the band did likewise. The videos come in support of the bands new album “Cannibal” while the a November 2021 co-headlining trek with

Interview: Fan Q&A with Bury Tomorrow!

Southcoast Metalcore heroes Bury Tomorrow are continuing the “Cannibal” promotional cycle ahead of a November 2021 European Tour with August Burns Red, Thornhill and Miss May I with a fan Q&A session. Guitarist and clean vocalist Jason Cameron and bassist Davyd Winter-Bates do all the talking with brightly coloured shirts being an optional extra.

Documentary: How We Wrote “Cannibal” from Bury Tomorrow!

When Bury Tomorrow were standing on stage at a sold out Roundhouse in London at the end of December 2019 on the last date of the “Black Flame” tour during which they played the album in full, frontman Dani Winter-Bates announced the new album “Cannibal” to follow the then new single “The Grey (VIXI)” for

Interview: Bury Tomorrow talk “Cannibal” in Mosh Talks!

Working 80 hour weeks in the NHS and still being one of the best frontmen in British Metal? That would be Bury Tomorrow vocalist Dani Winter-Bates. He talks to Beez from Knotfest about the bands new (after a long delay for Vinyl processing) album “Cannibal” in this latest episode of their series Mosh Talks!

Review: “Cannibal” by Bury Tomorrow

Our first introduction to South Coast Metalcore heroes Bury Tomorrow came with 2014’s sophomore album “Runes” and more specifically single “Man On Fire“. Adverts for the “Runes” tour were splashed all over the back of Metal Hammer Magazine and the first bite as they say was with the eye. They looked the part and the