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Playthrough: “Upon the Vale” from Angel Rising!

While we have to wait until September for the physical editions via Music-Records France, February saw the arrival of the sophomore album “Immortal Volition” from Angel Rising. In the meantime, a guitar playthrough video for “Upon the Vale” has aired for your viewing pleasure from the project notable for not only the talents of guitarist Listenangel

Review: “Fear Of Living” by Indemon

Conceived in the autumn of 2020 in the midst of a Global Pandemic situation in Finland by guitarist Santeri Liesmala and drummer Patrik Kuitunen it became clear after just a few rehearsals that as a project Indemon had much more potential than has been imagined with the pair having creating alchemy naturally between them. Seeking

Review: “Back To The Seeds” by Dead Tree Seeds

Recorded in 2012 and released in April 2013, the debut album “Seeds Of Thrash” of Parisian Thrashers Dead Tree Seeds premiered with influences of Megadeth, Kreator and Pantera has reached a decade in age and so that work is paid tribute to with the bands current line up Frank Vortex (lead vocals), Aurelien Gonzalez (guitars)

Review: “At The Gates Of Hell” by Bullet Ride

For some the journey down the left hand path is a simple one while for others it remains fraught with danger, perils and pitfalls seemingly at every fork in the road. French quintet Bullet Ride have picked themselves up and dusted themselves off more times than they care to remember over the eight long years

Review: “Inquisition” by Muertissima

An Old School Death Metal quartet hailing from Paris France, Muertissima (Spanish for “Very Dead“) like so many before them have made their mark in the live arena before committing their cuts to tape in the studio. Forming at some point close to February 2017, those shows have been mainly been in the Paris region, notably

Review: “Self Titled” by Angel Rising

A Melodic Death Metal project that came to life in 2018, Angel Rising started out as the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Listenangel, who is joined by drummer Kevin Talley (ex-Dying Fetus, ex-Suffocation, ex-Chimaira) and vocal paring Hermyth and M Fox. Some may know Listenangel from his YouTube days, specializing in guitar shredding, virtuosos guitar solos,

Review: “Furies in the Steppes from Russia” by Noitatalid

Citing influences from the likes of Slayer, Carcass and Obituary, a Brutal Death Metal trio who like to dabble in grindcore, Andrei Tatalid (Guitar & Lead Vocal), Vitaly Tatalid (Bass Guitar) and Aleksey Tatalid (Drums) hail from Ilyinsky Pogost in Russia and form Noitatalid, loosely translating as ‘Witch Tales‘. Their debut album “Furies in the

Review: “Self Titled” by Sangheilis

Inspired largely by the American and International scene in the Metalcore, DJent, Deathcore and Nu-Metal registers and citing everything from Chimaira to Northlane from Venom Prison to Type O Negative as an influence, Sangheilis are a band that raise eyebrows in their genre shifting. They hail from Rouen in France and formed in 2013 with

Review: “Push The Button” by Dead Tree Seeds

Like so many, Dead Tree Seeds is a band formed from the ashes of a previous project. When Triakanthos split back in 2009, drummer Alexandre Prudent formed this new outfit and after a few line up changes 2013 saw their debut “Seeds Of Thrash” land a square punch to the jaw of the detractors. Over