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Playthrough: “Starbound” from Shattered Skies!

Given a Kiezel Zeus bass going through a Neural DSP Darkglass Electronics B7K plugin, Shattered SkiesĀ guitarist Ian Rockett takes us through the Progressive Metallers recent single “Starbound“. As bassist Chris Borland wrote the song the band made the decision that he should play the guitar parts as it suits his playing style so Rockett switched

NEWS: Shattered Skies are “Starbound”?

What are the chances of Shattered Skies reaching Progpower in the good ol’ US of A in 2021? The band have once again teamed up with Ross McMahon who mixed and mastered this new single “Starbound“, having spent some considerable time over the summer months recording new material with album #3 said to be taking

Playthrough: “Born Of Soldier” from Shattered Skies!

Picking up his Strandberg Boden seven string guitar, Ian Rockett from Progressive Metallers Shattered Skies has recorded this playthrough for March single “Born of Soldier“, their first since album “Muted Neon“. The track appears a day after the announcement that Tech-Fest, the place we first heart their material, has been rolled on to next year,

NEWS: Shattered Skies are “Born of Soldier”!

After the resounding success of November 2018’s “Muted Neon”, Progressive Metal quartet Shattered Skies have offered up a brand spanking shinny new single called “Born of Solder“. It’s available to purchase and stream over at bandcamp and they’re promising some t-shirts to follow. Anyone else getting a Universal Solider theme from the lyrics?

Playthrough: “Mercator Map” from Shattered Skies!

Bassist Chris Borland and guitarist Ian Rockett from Progressive Metallers Shattered Skies have recorded a guitar and bass playthrough video for “Mercator Map” from their current album “Muted Neon” in full technicolor glory. No Wes Borland jokes. Must resist.

NEWS: Shattered Skies got to know!

Talking about the Jay and Silent Bob film “Dogma” which features Chris Rock and Alanis Morisette in the cast just a few hours before hand, isn’t it Ironic, don’t you think, that Shattered Skies should record a version of “You Oughta Know”? Puns aside, it’s definitely and interesting choice for the Progressive Metallers who have

Playthrough: “Arisen” from Shattered Skies!

Appearing at Radar Festival in Guildford next month will be Shattered Skies, armed with material from their critically acclaimed Progressive Metal album “Muted Neon”. Bassist Chris Borland, no relation of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland, has not only collected a Dingwall NG2 Combustion 5 string bass, but also laid down a playthrough for “Arisen”!

Playthrough: “Arisen” from Shattered Skies!

Progressive Tech-Metallers Shattered Skies have high hopes with new album “Muted Neon”. Guitarist Ian Rockett has got himself a new Strandberg Boden7, which is of course a headless 7 string and is showing it off with this playthrough of “Arisen”.

NEWS: Shattered Skies announce a pair of November dates!

Shattered Skies have announced a pair of shows around the release of their upcoming new album “Muted Neon”. The album will appear on 16th November with pre-orders available here. The progressive metallers have already released a pair of tracks in “Shut In” and “You Will Know My Name” both of which are available for immediate