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Bootleg: Nervosa in Belgrade Serbia!

A full set from Nervosa at Zappa Baza in Belgrade Serbia on 15th March has surfaced that captures them opening for Decapitated. Filmed by Evgeniy “Stucker” Zykov it finds the Death Thrash overlords hammering through cuts like “Seeds Of Death“, “Perpetual Chaos” and “Endless Ambition” as they warm up for a highly anticipated set on the

Playthrough: “Endless Ambition” from Nervosa!

The first time we heard vocals from Nervosa guitarist Prika Amaral was in “Endless Ambition” as it served as the first single from last year’s album “Jailbreak“. A new dawn, a new day and a new life for the band had left her feeling good as the mastermind behind the project and the Brazilian natives

Interview: Nervosa on The Garza Podcast!

Set to join Sepultura on their farewell tour Brazilian Thrash act Nervosa are the latest to join Chris Garza under the lights for an extended interview. They talk about line up changes, the strength to carry on, joining the ranks at NAMM, playing Wacken and… hair care, all in support of their latest burnt offering

Playthrough: “Seed Of Death” from Nervosa!

What do the bassist and backing vocalist of Symphonic Black Metal band W.E.B., the vocalist of Death Metal band AfterBlood, the vocalist and bassist of Black Metal band Christfuck and Darcode have in common? They’re all the same person, Hel Pyre. She has was announced as the new Nervosa bassist in March 2023 and has

Documentary: Feature length 2023 lookback with Nervosa!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a featurette that looks back on special moments from the past year of Brazilian Thrash act Nervosa… with a twist. The band discuss the making of their album “Jailbreak” and their summer festival run before announcing the amicable departure of drummer Michaela Naydenova after one

Playthrough: “Nail The Coffin” from Nervosa!

Nervosa axe wielding duo Helena Kotina and Prika Amaral destroy “Nail The Coffin” with a playthrough video for the track from their well received album “Jailbreak” so you can enjoy the intricate picking pattern and rich melody. That Napalm Records release is set to take the quartet to Bloodstock Open Air Festival in 2024 and

Review: “Vertex” by Backbone

A project that started life as the brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Peter Krk and rapidly grew legs with the involvement of drummer Eleni Nota (Nervosa, Ankor) and bassist Dimitri Tsabros, Backbone is seen by the trio as a sonic haven where they express themselves by putting their mark on musical styles they love. Recorded

Documentary: The Making Of “Endless Ambition” with Nervosa!

Recorded in Trikala, in a train repair mechanic workshop, the music video for “Endless Ambition” from Brazilian Thrash outfit Nervosa is a special one. Not only is it a killer track but it was the first single revealed to the World that featured Prika Amaral on vocals and guitars, which is a decent enough reason

Bootleg: Nervosa at Wacken Open Air Festival!

If you’re yet to indulge in “Jailbreak“, the new album from Brazilian perpetual chaos creators Nervosa then Wacken Open Air Festival have offered up three pro-shot cuts from their set earlier this summer to tempt you. “Death!“, “Kill the Silence” and “Endless Ambition” are the choices they have made with the album finding founder and

NEWS: Nervosa wage war on sin?

Having survived the FBI style integration of an interview with Belgian Jasper, Nervosa vocalist and guitarist Prika Amaral is back at the helm as Napalm Records share a music video for  “Elements Of Sin“. The Brazilian Thrash merchants have retooled once more with new album “Jailbreak” set for a 29th September unveiling. As if that