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Review: “Self Titled” by Omniarch

Hailing from Edmonton Alberta Canada, Omniarch formed from the ashes of two former bands, Netherward and This is War with Morgan Lambert (guitar), Mason Wilson (guitar), Jon Hofmann (bass), Mackenzie LaHaye (vocals) and Henry Giesbrecht (drums) who had played gigs together in those separate bands,  joining forces to create a wholly different alloy of Metal. Between

NEWS: Omniarch search for the way with “Pathfinder”!

Born out of the ashes of Netherward and This is War come Omniarch an entirely new beast from Alberta Canada. The quintet are preparing to release their debut album on 8th May, something which, judging from the track listing and pair of singles including this newbie “Pathfinder” is going to be a journey through history, mythology,