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Review: “Class Of 2020” by (hed)p.e.

Never in a million years did we think 20 years ago we’d still be talking about (hed)p.e. after gushing over their year 2000 seminal album “Broke” when it dropped via Jive Records at the height of the Nu-Metal revolution. Following their musical journey through numerous line up changes and style shifts over the that time

Bootleg: “Renegade” by (hed)p.e.!

Going back to something like 2008, record label Suburban Noize have shared a live version of “Renegade” by (hed)p.e.. Filmed at the The Key Club, the track originally appears on the bands “New World Orphans” record which was released through the label. Watching it back is a timely reminder of how good this band are

Throwback: “Renegade” from (hed)p.e.!

22nd August will officially mark the 20th Anniversary of “Broke“, the second studio album from Huntington Beach G-Punk outfit (hed)p.e. and even though frontman Jared Gomes has been the last man standing from the original line up for a long time, they’re widely expected to complete a World Tour for it. So after the success

Review: “Stampede” by (hed)p.e.

Taking Disturbed frontman David Draiman’s insistence on writing all of his social media in capitals which suggests shouting one step further and removing the spaces between the words of the song names of new album “Stampede” to suggest shouted and obvious subliminal messages controlling our lives, (hed)p.e. continue to share their love for a good