Throwback: “Sabbra Cadabra” from (hed)p.e.!

Back in 2020 when Ozzfest was all the rage, a two part compilation of covers of Black Sabbath classics was put together titled “Nativity In Black” featuring the bands that made the events so great. Static-X took on “Behind The Wall Of Sleep“, System Of A Down chose “Snowblind” and of course Huntington Beach California’s (hed)p.e. took on “Sabbra Cadabra“. The original version of the cut came out in 1973 so if label issues weren’t a thing it would have fitted nicely onto the bands new covers album “70’s Hits From The Pit“, an album that pays tribute to the bands which frontman Jared Gomes grew up listening to back in the day. So here it is in all its glory.

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