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NEWS: (hed)p.e. Watch it burn!

G-Punk pioneers (hed)p.e. released their twelfth studio album “Class of 2020” on the 20th anniversary of their seminal album “Broke“, amping up the celebrations with guest appearances from former members DJ Product and Chad Benekos. So from that new album the Huntington Beach Californian outfit have released a lyric video of fire and flames for

NEWS: (hed)p.e. have rent overdue?

While adopting a Mike Muir look, (hed)p.e. vocalist Jared Gomes appears a troubled figure in this new music video for for “Overdue“. The song itself appears on the bands new album “Class of 2020” which shares it’s release date with their seminal sophomore album “Broke” on its 20th Anniversary and also sees the band return

NEWS: “I Got You” by (hed)p.e. gets 20th Anniversary video!

A third music video for the 20th Anniversary of the seminal (hed)p.e. album “Broke” has surfaced. Having already received ones for “Swan Dive” and “Boom (How You Like That)” created from leftover footage from the “Touring for Broke” documentary from the bands then guitarist Chad “Chizard” Benekos, it’s now time for “I Got You” to

Bootleg: (hed)p.e. in Minneapolis Minnesota!

As the 20th Anniversary of seminal sophomore album “Broke” continue in 2020, Liberated Tape Archive have uncovered (hed)p.e. at First Avenue in Minneapolis Minnesota on 2nd February 1999. It sees them perform cuts from their self titled debut album which dropped in 1997, a second generation VHS tape transfer split over 2 cameras. If you’ve

NEWS: (hed)p.e. give “Swan Dive” 20th Anniversary video!

If you haven’t seen it yet then the Touring For Broke documentary around the tour cycle for the 20th Anniversary of “Broke” from Huntington Beach California’s (hed)p.e. created by original guitarist Chad Benekos is a really interesting and insightful watch. Splicing together some leftover footage, he’s created a music video for classic track “Swan Dive“…

Listmania: 20 Years of “Broke” from (hed)p.e.!

To celebrate 20 years of the seminal sophomore album “Broke” by (hed)p.e. which achieved that anniversary status last month, we’re going to answer a question we’ve seen appear in many forums and comment sections around the time of the release. So many people said they hadn’t heard any (hed)p.e. material since “Broke” and with the

NEWS: (hed)p.e. choose “First Blood”!

Directed by Devin Pacheco a music video for the (hed)p.e. track “First Blood” that features footage from Ground Zero has been released today as promised on social media. The Huntington Beach California natives celebrated the 20th Anniversary of their seminal album “Broke” by releasing their twelfth studio record “Class of 2020” via Suburban Noise Records

Documentary: “Touring for Broke” a (hed)p.e. film!

A directors cut documentary about the touring cycle that accompanied “Broke” from (hed)p.e. to mark it’s 20th Anniversary has been released by the bands then guitarist Chad “Chizard” Benekos. Including a wealth of behind the scenes footage from that time as well as some previously unheard demos from album it’s a celebration of a great

Documentary: Reminiscing #4 with (hed)p.e.!

Continuing the live stream series, Jared Gomes is joined by DJ Product and Chad Benekos for a chat about “Broke” memories. The talk about touring with Alien Ant Farm, Papa Roach and Nu-Metal bands of the early 2000’s while (hed)p.e. were coming up, while Benekos has a tour diary documentary forthcoming. The new album with

Review: “Class Of 2020” by (hed)p.e.

Never in a million years did we think 20 years ago we’d still be talking about (hed)p.e. after gushing over their year 2000 seminal album “Broke” when it dropped via Jive Records at the height of the Nu-Metal revolution. Following their musical journey through numerous line up changes and style shifts over the that time