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Bootleg: (hed)p.e. in Griffith Indiana!

Continuing the build up to the release of their new album “Detox“, a full set from (hed)p.e. at Avenue 912 in Griffith Indiana from 27th April when they were tearing up the road on the Nu-Metal Madness 2023 tour has surfaced. An hour long set takes them from “Peer Pressure” to “Renegade” via “I Wanna

NEWS: (hed)p.e. tired of waiting once more?

As they head from Idaho Falls to Iowa City while playing select dates on the “Million Watts” tour with Nonpoint and plenty in between (hed)p.e. want to remind us they have a new album on the way in “Detox“. It will appear on 15th December via Suburban Noize Records with three singles already available in

Interview: (hed)p.e. talk “Detox” with KnotFest!

As the Nu-Pod from KnotFest continues to rumble on, Jared Gomez from (hed)p.e. talks to Joshua Toomey about everything from new album “Detox” to Jive Records, Lynn Strait from Snot and the seminal “Broke” over 78 minutes of madness. The new album drops on 15th December via Suburban Noize Records with three singles already available

NEWS: The Detox continues for (hed)p.e.!

FBI agent Jake is devastated by the murder of his wife at the hands of a serial killer. As he undergoes rehabilitation for PTSD, a criminal enters the clinic and starts killing patients one by one… Sylvester Stallone wasn’t involved in the making of the new (hed)p.e. album “Detox” but if he was Jim “Taz”

NEWS: (hed)p.e. watch the World burn!

Now officially due out 15th December via Suburban Noize Records, the new album from (hed)p.e. has seen a second single “Too Late” premier in “Detox“. Continuing to tour relentlessly, the G-Punk pioneers are currently ripping up the road in the US while some of the merch bundles for the album have already sold out. Cover

Interview: (hed)p.e. talk Nu-Metal, Detox and more with The Garza Podcast!

…with the new single and title track of their next album “Detox” floating in cyberspace (hed)p.e. vocalist Jahred Gomes spoke to The Garza Podcast about everything from multi million dollar record contracts to Nu-Metal and Psychedelics in a new interview. For those not in the know, the Podcast is that of Suicide Silence guitarist Chris

Throwback: “Crazy Life” by (hed)p.e.

Last week saw the 20th Anniversary of the underrated third album “Blackout” by Huntington Beach California’s (hed)p.e., a record once dismissed by frontman Jared Gomes as “Corporate Junk”. He has long claimed to have given in to the pressure from their then label Jive Records to create an all out Nu-Metal record that brought forward

Throwback: “Sabbra Cadabra” from (hed)p.e.!

Back in 2020 when Ozzfest was all the rage, a two part compilation of covers of Black Sabbath classics was put together titled “Nativity In Black” featuring the bands that made the events so great. Static-X took on “Behind The Wall Of Sleep“, System Of A Down chose “Snowblind” and of course Huntington Beach California’s (hed)p.e. took

Review: “70’s Hits From The Pit” by (hed)p.e.

“You know me then you know I really have no friends, Get a high a lot, I drink and drive a lot, The innocent they die a lot, Now don’t be fooled when you see me smile a lot, Cause I go punk rock, blow up ya’ whole block…” ~ “Wake Up” by (hed)p.e.

NEWS: (hed)p.e. announce “70s Hits From the Pit”!

Having previously recorded a version of “Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi Hendrix in the dim and distant past, (hed)p.e. have announced an all new covers album titled “70s Hits From the Pit” will be releasing via Suburban Noize Records on 24th February. Said to cross Punk Rock and Classic Rock with the bands own G-Punk style,