Throwback: “Scars Of The Crucifix” by Deicide!

If you believe The Guardian, Deicide (named so after the act of killing a God or Deity) had their cut “F*** Your God” used heavily as a torture method for detainees in Iraq by being piped into their bunks to induce sleep deprivation after it appeared on the Florida Death Metallers 2004 album “Scars of the Crucifix”, which has to go down as a huge compliment. There are plenty of bands that you could put on that playlist but Deicide won the vote and seeing as they have long courted controversy, there should be something a little more positive for them to take to the Underworld. The album itself was the last to feature axe wielding brothers Eric Hoffman and Brian Hoffman while being the bands first for Earache Records while giving the band their first music video for the title track. Is it fair to say that all three of those could have been considered a long time coming?

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