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NEWS: Norma Jean prepare for a landslide?

If things had been different back in 2018, we would have witnessed Norma Jean at UK Tech-Fest at Newark Showgrounds alongside the huge array of talent that arrived at the annual meeting of Metal Heads that summer. But alas it didn’t happen and we still await the opportunity to see our heroes upon our shores.

Bootleg: Norma Jean in Aurora Illinois!

Often seen as the album before THE album, “Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child” saw Atlanta Georgia Mathcore outfit Norman Jean make their debut for Solid State Records back in 2002 with the huge single “Memphis Will Be Laid to Waste” appearing on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. Filmed during the tour that followed, this set

NEWS: Mind Power unveil “Self Torture”!

Recorded between 2018 and 2019 at the Banana Ranch in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania, the previously released quartet of digital EPs from Mind Power have been consolidated into a single vinyl pressing by Jump Start Records and rebranded “Self Torture“. That is available to order here with the band releasing a music video for “Mess” created by

Exclusive Interview: Windchimes talk “Enervation”!

“This album is the accumulation of our negative energy directed into a form of art. We used the experience of writing and self-recording Enervation as a cathartic release of what we were all going through during that time. We hope you hear what we say, and can relate to these feelings” ~ Windchimes

Bootleg: Norma Jean in Baltimore 2002!

While some bands have a revolving door of musicians, getting to a point where there are no original members on a band is kind of weird. Not that any current line up of Norma Jean haven’t paid their dues and played their part in the bands history. It just seems strange to look back on

Bootleg: Norma Jean in Chicago in 2002!

It’s incredible to think that bands like Norma Jean have been around as long as they have. Forming way back in 1997, 23 years and 8 studio albums later, the Douglasville, Georgia, Atlanta Metalcore act have announced a run of house show dates. Given the name “Do The Neighbors Like You? Tour“, vocalist Cory Brandan has

Listmania: Alternative Press Highlights in Metalcore!

Alternative Press journalist Joe Smith-Engelhart has written a list of 12x Essential Albums that formed the backbone of the early 2000’s Metalcore scene. It’s one of those that serves as a reminder of some of the great material that appeared 20 years ago and with the likes of Converge, Killswitch Engage and Norma Jean still

Review: “Empty Ends” by AFAR

Founded in the Summer of 2017 around the area of Strasbourg France by members of Djinn, Peace Me Off and PIEDBOUCHE, Melodic Hardcore quintet AFAR released their debut EP ‘No Landmark In The Void’ after a year of finding their sound. After shows all around their native French territory, they got back into the practice room

Bootleg: Norma Jean in Atlanta!

Filmed on “The Act” Tour headlined by The Devil Wears Prada here are some tracks from Norma Jean. We can’t be the only ones who raised an eyebrow when it was announced in May that guitarist Jeff Hickey was exiting the fold. But thankfully, new album “All Hail”, their second since returning to long time